<I000628> Bertha of TOULOUSE
<I000629> Father: William, Duke of TOULOUSE
Family 1:
<I000631> Pippin (or Pepin), King of LOMBARDY
<I000627> 1. Bernard of Lombardy, King of ITALY

Bertha Italy

Queen .

Born about 777 - of,Toulouse,Haute-Garonne,France.


William Toulouse, Comte ca 745-ca 812
Guibour Hornbach *ca 758

Marriages and children

Allied about 795 to Pippin Italy, King 773-810, with
Bernard 797-818
Adelheid *ca 797
Atala *ca 799
Gundrada *ca 801
Berthais *ca 803
Tetrada *ca 805

Berta de Toulouse
Father: Guillaume de Toulouse
Family 1:
Pepin I
1. Bernhard

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