Guillaume I the Saint - Cte/Duc de Toulouse(790-28.5.812), Marquis de Septimanie

Guillaume I the Saint - Cte/Duc de Toulouse(790-28.5.812), Marquis de Septimanie

Bienheureux Guillaume I Au court Nez ou Le Grand ou d"Orange comte de Toulouse et comte de Rouergue et comte de Quercy et comte d"Albi et comte de Rodez 788-806 abdique, marquis de La Marche d"Espagne 789-806 abdique, duc de Septimanie et duc d"Aquitaine 795-806 abdique, comte de Barcelone et comte de Gerone 801-806 abdique. mort en 812
epouse: Cunegonde
epouse: Guibourg ou Auiburge
8 enfants:
- Bernard I de Septimanie comte de Toulouse. cf: dessous
- Guillaume
- Gaucelone ou Gaucelin comte de Roussillon. mort en 834
- Heribert ou Herbert. mort en 830
- Gerberge religieuse. morte en 834
- Bera I comte de Razes. mort en 844
- Rolinde
- Thierry III. mort en 840

St. William of Gellone
d. 812
Feastday: May 28

Knight and Benedictine monk, the son of Count Thierry of Toulouse. William was a member of the famed court of Charlemagne (r. 768-814). He was named duke of Aquitaine and chosen to lead a campaign against the Saracens in southern France. He defeated the Islamic Saracens in this campaign. Throughout his military career, he displayed exemplary chivalry and was honored as the ideal knight. However, he gave up the sword and became dedicated to the promotion of the faith. William founded a monastery at Gellone, near Aniane, and with Charlemagne"s permission, entered the cornmunity as a monk. The abbey was later renamed SaintGuilhem-du-Desert in his honor. William was also the subject of several medieval romances, including La Prised Orange and Aliseans. He was canonized in 1066.

“Saint” William “Le Cornet”, Count of Gellone [Guillem de Gellone], Count of Toulouse 790; Marquis of Septimania 793-806
called “Peer of France”, one of the “paladins” of Charlemagne, his uncle; retired 812, d822/3
He =1 Cunegonde, daughter & heiress of Bera III, Count of Razes; =2 Guitburge

the issue of “Saint” William “Le Cornet” (above) by first wife

Bera IV, Count of Razes 735, Marquis of The Spanish March 817

Arnold (Ernaut)

Thierri III, Count of Autun

Gothselm (Gaucelm)

Bernard “Naso”, Marq. of Septimania 820; Ct. of Toulouse 835

Jousseaume, Marquis of Gothie

Heribert (Charibert)

a daughter

St Guillaume (Guilhem) † 812
Duc de Toulouse en 790
Comte (804), marquis de Gothie .
Fond. de Gellone en 804. S’y retire moine en 806.

m.1st (768/ 70) Cunegonde

m.2nd (770/ 5) Guitburg
5.Bernard de Septimanie

m.3rd ? une Wisigothe (catalane)

Guillaume le Saint de Gellone

(Guillaume de Gellone)
Comte, Marquis
Born in 751.
Died on May 28, 812, 34150 Gellone.


Thierry Ier d"Autun ca 730-793
Aude de Francie /724

Marriages and children

Married to Guibourg de Herbauges ca 765, with
Rotlinde ca 785-820/
Married to Cunégonde d"Austrasie ca 770-835, with
Cunégonde ca 795-835
Bernard de Septimanie ca 800-844


Naissance : vers 755 ou plutôt 760
Profession : Comte de Toulouse, Marquis de Septimanie.


Guibourg de Herbauges
(Guibourg Ou Witburge...)
Born about 765.

Cunégonde d"Austrasie
Born about 770.
Died on June 15, 835.

Carloman II d"Austrasie ca 751-771
? ?


Naissance : vers 797 (?!) ou plutôt 770 (père décédé en771).

<B028251> Guillaume I Courtnez DAVID (Saint)
<B027391> Father: Theuderic Thierry Makir DAVID (Duke)
<B027392> Mother: Auda MEROVING
BIRTH: ABT 770, ,,France
DEATH: 822, ,,France
Family 1:
<B028253> Guilburc WITBURGA
<B028249> 1. Oliba I Carcassone DAVID (Count)
<B028300> 2. Bernard Naso (The_Nose) DAVID (Duke Septimania)


"Short Nose or Hooked Nose" aka Isaac [DAVID]
Count Toulouse, Gellone, Marquis of Septimania
Source: Ahnentafel for Edward III of England

<I003710> William ("Saint"), Count of TOULOUSE
<I003711> Father: Theodoric
OCCUPATION: [wife = Auberge]
Family 1:
<I003708> 1. Bernard, Count of TOULOUSE

<B014351> William St TOULOUSE (Count)
BIRTH: ABT 760, Toulouse,Haut Garonne,France
Family 1:
<B014350> 1. Waildruth d"Orleans TOULOUSE


Source: Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists...p 53

<C000882> Count of Toulouse ST WILLIAM
Family 1:
<C000881> 1. WAILDRITH

<I000629> William, Duke of TOULOUSE
OCCUPATION: [Duke, 790-812]
DEATH: 28 MAY 812
Family 1:
<I000628> 1. Bertha of TOULOUSE


William was Duke of Toulouse. {Ref. Allstrom"s "Dictionary of Royal
Lineage," 1904, Vol. II, p. 418.}

William Toulouse

Comte .

Born about 745 - of,Toulouse,,France.
Died maybe in 812 - Gellone.


Makir Toulouse, Duke
Auda x

Marriages and children

Allied to Guibour Hornbach *ca 758, with
Bertha Italy *ca 777
Bernard Autun +844


Stuart p. 234: TITL Count of Toulouse, Margrave of Sepimania (Narbonne); DD, D

Guibour Hornbach
(Guibour of Hornbach)
Born about 758 - of,,,Prussia.
Lambert Hornbach, Lord +783/
? ?

<G007313> WILLIAM_I (Count of Autun)
<G007311> Father: Thierry AUTUN (Count of)
<G007312> Mother: or_Aude ALDANE
OCCUPATION: Count of Autun
BIRTH: ABT 765, ,,of France
DEATH: 28 MAY 812
Family 1:
<G007314> Guitberge HORNBACH
<G007306> 1. Bernard I SEPITIMANIE (Duke)

<G006819> ST_WILLIAM (Count)
<G006810> Father: THEODORIC (Duke)
<G006811> Mother: ALDA (of Austrasia)
DEATH: 28 MAY 812

Guillaume de Toulouse
Family 1:
1. Berta de Toulouse


Count of Toulouse.

Wilhelm der Heilige von Gellone
(Wilhelm Gellone)
Born about 760
Died on 28 May 812, Gellone
Dietrich (Thierry) Von Autun ca 740-793
X Aude ca 730-804
Marriages and children
Married to Kunigunde Von Austrasien Karolinger ca 770-835/, with
Von Gellone Kunigunde ca 795-835/

St. Guillaume de Gellone Ct de Toulouse

Born about 765
Died in 812, Gellone


Makir de Autun Duc de Toulouse
Aude Of The Franks

Marriages and children

Married to Guibour (Witberga) de Hornbach, with
Wialdruth de Toulouse
Bernard de Septimania Ct de Barcelona /802-844


Founded Monastry of Gellone. Its not clear from the sources which wife was the parent of which child.


Guibour (Witberga) de Hornbach
Lambert Ct de Hornbach +
? ?
[see House of Bodilon]

Saint William Count Of Auton, Marquis Of Septimania

Died (May 28 Abt 812), Gellone
Thiery Count Of Autun +
Auda x +
Marriages and children
Married in 1 to Kunigunde x, with
Bernard Marquis Of Septimania +844
Caribert x +
Witcher x +
Gerberge x
Married in 2 to Guibour x, with
Gereceline Count Of Roussillon +ca 834
Rolaut x


790-806: Count of Auton and Marquis of Septimania [Ref: Moriarty p214]

Saint [Ref: Moriarty p214]

made Marquis of Septimania by Charlemagne, who sent him to guard the
Spanish March against the Moslems of Spain [Ref: Moriarty v109p179]

called Guillaume au Court Nez; known to the Church as St. William de Gellone [Ref: Moriarty v109p179]

died as a monk at Gellone, a monastery he founded [Ref: Moriarty v109p179]


Guibour x
Lambert Lord Of Hornbach +ca 793
? ?
aunt of Eudes Count of Orleans, probably dau of Count Lambert

Razes, Guillem de Gellone Comte
b.AFT 730
Father: Septimania, Theoderich de Roi
Mother: Aldana Carolingian

m., Cunegund
b.AFT 740
d.BEF 785


Gellone, Gerberga de Soeur
b.AFT 755

m.BEF 802

b.BEF 785


Autun, Theuderic von Gellone Graf
Rousillon, Gauzhelm de Gellone Comte
b.ABT 802
Toulouse, Rothild de Gellone
Toulouse, Heribert de Gellone
b.ABT 802
Septimania, Bernard de Gellone Prince

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