Lothair III - King of Neustria(657-673) and all Franks(656-660)

Lothair III - King of Neustria(657-673) and all Franks(656-660)

Clotaire III co roi d"Austrasie 565-657, roi des Francs 657-660, roi de Bourgogne et roi d"Orleans et roi de Paris 660-673
1 enfant:
- Clovis III roi d"Austrasie 675-675 abdique

Chlotar III, King of NEUSTRIA and BURGUNDY


<B020781> Clotaire III MEROVING (King)
<B020779> Father: Clovis II MEROVING (King of Franks)
<B020780> Mother: Saint Bathilde MEROVING? (Queen)
BIRTH: 652, ,,France
DEATH: 670, ,,France

Ascended to the thrown in 657.
Source: Genealogy of the Kings of France

(d. March 10/11, 673), Merovingian king of Neustria and Burgundy, who succeeded his father, Clovis II, in 657. After the retirement of his mother, Bathilda, to a monastery in 664 or 665, he came--and remained--under the domination of the Neustrian mayor of the palace, Ebroin.

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Clotaire III (657-70), son of Clovis, succeeded his father as head of the entire monarchy under the guardianship of his mother, Bathilde, with Erkinoald as mayor of the palace. But like Clotaire II, in 614, Clovis was constrained in 660 to grant Austrasia a separate rule, and appointed his brother Childeric II its king, with Wulfoald as mayor of the palace. Austrasia was now overshadowed by Neustria owing to the strong personality of Ebroin, Erkinoald"s successor as mayor of the palace. Like Brunehilde, Ebroin sought to establish a strong government and, like her, drew upon himself the passionate opposition of the aristocracy. The latter, under the leadership of St. Leger (Leodegarius), Bishop of Autun, succeeded in overthrowing Ebroin. He and King Thierry III who, in 670, had succeeded his brother Clotaire III, were consigned to a convent.

Chlothar III of the Franks King Of Neustria
(Chlothar King Of Neustria)
Died in 673
Chlodovech (Clovis) II King Of Franks 632-657
X St. Balthildis
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
X Clovis

Clotaire III

1.Clovis III

Lothar Iii Clovison
born 656
died 670

de_la_Francs, Chlothar III Neustria Roi
Father: Bourgogne, Chlodovech II Neustria Roi
Mother: Saint Bathildis
b.AFT 660

Clotaire III, roi de Soissons (Neustrie) et de Metz (Austrasie), qui suit.

Clotaire III ( v. 652-10.03./9.05.673), roi de Metz (Austrasie) (656-600), de Soissons (Neustrie), de Paris, de Bourgogne, d"Orleans et de tout le Pays Franc (657-673), s.a.

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