Clovis II - King of Neustria and Burgundy(639-657)

Clovis II - King of Neustria and Burgundy(639-657)

Clovis II Le Faineant roi de Neustrie (ou de Soissons) et roi de Bourgogne et roi d"Orleans et roi de Paris 639-656, co roi d"Austrasie 656-657, roi des Francs 656-657
epouse: Sainte Bathilde fille de Sisoigne prince d"Ascanie. morte en 680
4 enfants:
- X (fils)
- Clotaire III co roi d"Austrasie 565-657, roi des Francs 657-660, roi de Bourgogne et roi d"Orleans et roi de Paris 660-673
- Childeric II roi des Francs. cf: dessous
- Thierry III roi de Neustrie (ou de Soissons) et roi de Bourgogne et roi d"Orleans et roi de Paris 673-673 et 675-675 et 676-679, roi des Francs 675-676 et 679-691


St. Bathildis
d. 680
Feastday: January 30

Queen and foundress. She was born in England, where she was enslaved and taken to Neustria, which was part of the Frankish kingdom. In time, Bathildis became a trusted member of King Clovis Il"s court and married him in 649. She bore him three sons: Clotaire Ill, Childeric II, and Thierry Ill, all of whom became kings. When Clovis died in 657, Bathildis served as regent for Clotaire III. She had founded a Benedictine convent at Chelles, as well as St. Denis Monastery and Corbie. When Clotaire III assumed the throne, Bathildis retired to Chelles, where she died on January 30.


Born about 634.
Died on October 31, 657.


Dagobert Ier DE NEUSTRIE ca 606-639
Nanthilde DE BOBIGNY ca 615-642

Marriages and children

Allied in 649 to Bathilde N... ca 626-680, with
Thierry III ca 655-691


Profession : Roi des Francs de 640 657

Clovis II, King of NEUSTRIA and BURGUNDY


<B020779> Clovis II MEROVING (King of Franks)
<B020777> Father: Dagobert I MEROVING (King of Franks)
<B020778> Mother: Nantilde COLOGNE (Queen)
OCCUPATION: King of Franks
BIRTH: 635, ,Neustria,France
DEATH: 657, ,,France
Family 1:
<B020780> Saint Bathilde MEROVING? (Queen)
<B020783> 1. Thierry III MEROVING (King of Franks)
<B020781> 2. Clotaire III MEROVING (King)
<B020782> 3. Childeric II MEROVING (King)

Second son of Dagobert I and Nantilde; Accension to the thrown in 639.
King of Franks (639-652); King of Neustria and Burgundy.
Source: Genealogy of the Kings of France; Ahnentafel of Edward III, King of

(b. c. 634--d. October or November 657), Merovingian Frankish king of Neustria and Burgundy from 639, the son of Dagobert I. He was dominated successively by Aega and by Erchinoald, Neustrian mayors of the palace.

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In Neustria the young king, Clovis II, reigned under the guardianship of his mother, Nanthilde, with Aega, and later Erkinoald, as mayor of the palace.

On the death of Pepin of Landen in 639, Otto, mayor of the palace, took the reins of power, but was overthrown and replaced by Grimoald, son of Pepin. Grimoald went even further; when, in 656, Sigebert III died, he conceived the bold plan of seizing the crown for the benefit of his family: He banished young Dagobert II, son of Sigebert, to an Irish monastery. Not daring to ascend the throne himself, he followed the example of Odoacer and gave it to his son Childebert. But this attempt, as bold as it was premature, caused his downfall. He was delivered up to Clovis II by the Austrasian nobles and, so far as can be ascertained, seems to have perished in prison. Clovis II remained sole master of the entire Frankish monarchy, but died the following year, 657.

Chlodovech (Clovis) II King Of Franks
(Chlodovech King Of Franks)
Born in 632
Died in 657
Dagobert I of the Franks King Of Franks 602-639
Nantechild (Of The Franks)
Marriages and children
Married to X St. Balthildis, with
Childeric II of the Franks +675
Chlothar III of the Franks King Of Neustria +673
Theuderic III of the Franks 652-691

Clovis II

b.649 Bathilde(626-30.1.680, Chelles), dau.of Sisoigne, Prince d"Ascanie
1.Childeric II
2.Clotaire III
3.Thierry III

Clovis Ii Dagobertson
died 656
m.St. Batilde Saxon
1.Lothar Iii Clovison
2.Childeric Ii Clovis-Iison

Bourgogne, Chlodovech II Neustria Roi
Father: Neustria, Dagobert I Austrasie Roi
Mother: Nantechild ou Nantechildis

m.ABT 640

Saint Bathildis
b.BEF 637


de_la_Francs, Chlothar III Neustria Roi
de_la_Francs, Childerich II Austrasie Roi
de_la_Francs, Theuderich III Neustria Roi

Clovis II "Le Faineant" ( v. ....10.634-....11.657), roi de Soissons (Neustrie), de Paris, d"Orleans et de Bourgogne (639-657), roi de Metz (Austrasie) et de tout le Pays Franc (656-657) ep. 651, Sainte Bathilde (+ Monastere de Chelles, 685). Dont :
1. Clotaire III, roi de Soissons (Neustrie) et de Metz (Austrasie), qui suit.
2. Childeric II, roi de Metz (Austrasie) et de Soissons (Neustrie), qui va suivre.
3. Theodoric III, roi de Soissons (Neustrie) et de Metz (Austrasie), qui suivra apres ses freres.

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