Dagobert I - King of Austrasia(623-628) and all Franks(629-639)

Dagobert I - King of Austrasia(623-628) and all Franks(629-639)

Dagobert I co roi d"Austrasie 623-629, roi des Francs 629-634, roi de Neustrie (ou de Soissons) et roi de Bourgogne et roi d"Orleans et roi de Paris 634-639
epouse: Gomatrude fille de Brunulphe II comte d"Ardennes. morte en 630
epouse: Nanthilde ou Nantechilde fille de Sandregisiste. morte en 642
epouse: Ragmetrude
1 fils naturel + 1 enfant:
- Fils naturel Saint Sigebert III roi d"Austrasie 634-656
- Clovis II Le Faineant roi des Francs. cf: dessous

Dagobert Ier DE NEUSTRIE

(Dagobert DE NEUSTRIE)
Born about 606.
Died on January 19, 639.


Clotaire II DE NEUSTRIE 584-629
Bertrude DE BURGONDIE ca 590-618

Marriages and children

Allied in 626 to Gometrude N... *ca 605
Allied about 630 to Ragnetrude N... *ca 610, with
Sigebert III D"AUSTRASIE ca 631-656
N *ca 632
Allied in 633 to Nanthilde DE BOBIGNY ca 615-642, with
Clovis II ca 634-657
Allied to Ulfgonde N... *ca 618
Allied to Berthilde N... *ca 620


Profession : Roi des Francs de 629 639

Dagobert I, King of FRANKS


<B020777> Dagobert I MEROVING (King of Franks)
<B020775> Father: Clotaire (Le_Grand) II MEROVING (King of Franks)
<B026192> Mother: Altrude Haldetrude MEROVING?
OCCUPATION: King of Franks
BIRTH: 603, ,Austrasia,France
DEATH: 639, St Denis Abbey,Paris,France
BURIAL: 639, St Denis Abbey,Paris,France
Family 1:
<B024831> Gomatrude MEROVING?
<B020779> 1. Clovis II MEROVING (King of Franks)
Family 2:
<B023302> Regnetrude ({Concubine})
<B022461> 1. Daughter_#1 MEROVING
<B024835> 2. Sigebert Sisbert II MEROVING (King)
Family 3:
<B024832> Vulfegund MEROVING?

He may have been born abt 601. His father crowned him King of Austrasia in
622. Accession to the thrown in 629. King of Franks (629-638).
Source: Genealogy of the Kings of France; Charlemagne"s Ancestors; The Lives of
the Kings and Queens of France, p 22

(b. 605--d. Jan. 19, 639, Saint-Denis, France), the last Frankish king of the Merovingian dynasty to rule a realm united in more than name only.

The son of Chlotar II, Dagobert became king of Austrasia in 623 and of the entire Frankish realm in 629. Dagobert secured his realm by making a friendship treaty with the Byzantine emperor Heraclius, defeating the Gascons and Bretons, and campaigning against the Slavs on his eastern frontier. In 631 he sent an army to Spain to help the Visigothic usurper Swinthila (Svintila). He moved his capital from Austrasia to Paris, a central location from which the kingdom could be governed more effectively. He then appeased the Austrasians by making his three-year-old son Sigebert their king in 634. Famed for his love of justice, Dagobert was nevertheless greedy and dissolute. He was succeeded by Sigebert III and another son, Clovis II.

The prosperity of Dagobert"s reign, and the revival of the arts during this period, can be judged from the rich contents of the tombs of the period and from the goldsmiths" work for the churches. Dagobert revised Frankish law, encouraged learning, patronized the arts, and founded the first great abbey of Saint-Denis, to which he made many gifts. (see also Index: Saint-Denis, abbey church of)

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Dagobert Ier
King of Austrasia 622-639. king of the Franks 632-639.

Dagobert I,King of Franks(611-638)

On the death of Clotaire II, Dagobert I, his only heir, reestablished the unity of the Frankish monarchy and took up his residence in Paris, as Clovis had done in the past. He too was soon forced to give Austrasia a separate government, which he confided to his son Sigebert III, with Cunibert of Cologne as his Councillor and Adalgisil, son of Arnulf of Metz and son-in-law of Pepin, as mayor of the palace. Pepin, who had lost royal favour, was temporarily deprived of any voice in the government. The reign of Dagobert I was one of such great pomp and outward show, that contemporaries compared it to that of Solomon; however, it marked a decline in the military prowess of the Franks. They subdued, it is true, the small nations of the Bretons and Basques, but were themselves beaten by the Frankish merchant Samo, who had created a Slavonic kingdom on their eastern confines. Dagobert relieved the situation only by exterminating the Bulgars who had taken refuge in Bavaria. Like most of his race, Dagobert was subject to the females of his family. He died young and was buried in the celebrated Abbey of Saint-Denis which he had founded and which subsequently became the burial-place of the kings of France. After his death Austrasia and Neustria (the latter united with Burgundy) had the same destiny under their respective kings and mayors of the palace.

Dagobert I of Austrasia
(Dagobert Austrasia)
Born in 602
Died in 639
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
Sigebert III of 630-656

Dagobert I of the Franks King Of Franks
(Dagobert King Of Franks)
Born in 602
Died in 639
Chlothar II of the Franks King Of Franks 584-629
X Brynhild
Marriages and children
Married to X Gomatrud
Married to Nantechild (Of The Franks), with
Sigesbert II King Of Austrasia +656
Chlodovech (Clovis) II 632-657
Married to Ragnetrud (Of The Franks), with
St. Sigebert III King Of Austrasia 629-656

Dagobert I
d.19.1.639, St.Denis

m.628 Gomatrude(598-630), sister of Sichilde[wife of his father Clotaire II]

m.633 Nanthilde(610-642), dau.of Sandregisite, maire du Palais
1.Clovis II

2.Sigebert III




Ragnetrude, Ulfgonde and Berthilde were the mistress of Dagobert I. See ancestry of Nanthilde -- Descendants of MELLOBAUDE [2].

Dagobert I The Great Lotharson
died 638
1,Sigeberet Ii Dagobertson

2.Clovis Ii Dagobertson

Neustria, Dagobert I Austrasie Roi
d.19 JAN 638/639 St. Denis,,,France
Father: de_la_Francs, Chlothar II le_Grand Roi
Mother: Haldetrude

m.AFT 617

b.AFT 602

m.AFT 622

Nantechild ou Nantechildis
b.BEF 607


Bourgogne, Chlodovech II Neustria Roi

m.ABT 629

Austrasia, Ragnetrud von
b.BEF 615
Father: Austrasia, Hugobert von


Austrasie, Sigisbert III d" Roi
Austrasia, Adela von

Dagobert Ier ( 606-....11.639, inhume a Saint-Denis), roi d"Austrasie (629-634), de Paris, d"Orleans, de Bourgogne, de Soissons et de tout le Pays Franc (629-639), roi d"Aquitaine (631-639) ep. 1. 626, Gometrude, repudiee, s.p.; 2. 629, Nantilde (+ 642) 3. 630, Ragnetrude. Dont

- Du second lit :

1. Clovis II, roi de Soissons (Neustrie), qui suit.

- Du troisieme lit :

2. Saint Sigebert III, roi d"Austrasie : Auteur de la troisieme branche merovingienne des rois d"Austrasie (Cf. Chapitre IV).

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