Bova (Beuve, Bona) & Doda, OSB VV (RM)

7th century. Saint Bova, sister of Saint Balderic (Baudry) and near relative of King Dagobert, edified the royal court and entire kingdom by her virtues. She rejected all marriage proposals because she decided to devote herself to the service of God. After her brother founded Montfaucon Abbey, in 639 he built a convent near Rheims, where Bova ruled as abbess until her death c. 680. Her niece Doda followed in her footsteps and succeeded her as abbess. The relics of both saints were later translated to Saint Peter"s Abbey in Rheims. Although their original vitae were destroyed in a fire, a later writer recorded the traditions related by the nuns in the 10th century (Benedictines, Encyclopedia, Husenbeth).

Fiest day: April 24

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