Theodoric I - King of Metz(511-534)

Theodoric I - King of Metz(511-534)

Thierry I ou Theodoric roi d"Austrasie 511-534, co roi d"Orleans 526-532
epouse: Eustere fille d"Aleric II roi des Wisigoths. morte en 521
epouse: Suavegothe fille de Sigismond I roi des Burgondes. morte en 554
2 enfants:
- X (fils)
- Theodebert I ou Thiberet roi d"Austrasie 534-548, co roi de Bourgogne 534-541

THIERRY I (Theoderic)
Title: King of Reims (511-533), King of Thuringe (531-33)
Father: CLOVIS I
Mother: N.N. of KOELN, Frank Princess of Koeln
Birth: c. 485
Death: in 533
Family 1:
Marriage: in 511


Born about 486.
Died in 534.


Clovis Ier DE FRANCIE 466-511
Amalaberge HÉRULE ca 462-ca 510

Marriages and children

Allied to Eustère DE WISIGOTHIE ca 488-521, with
Theodebert 504-548
Allied to Suavegothe N... *ca 500


Profession : Roi de Reims de 511 à 534 et de Thuringe de 531 à 534.

<I007142> Thierry I ("Theodoric") King, AUSTRASIA
<I001855> Father: Clovis I ("The Great"), King of FRANKS
DEATH: 534


Thierry I reigned 511-534. He was succeeded by his son, Theodobert I (d.548 - succeeded by his son Theodobald, d. 555). Thierry"s mother is a mistress of Clovis before his marriage to Clothilda. Thierry as eldest son received the eastern portion of his father"s domains, with Rheims as capital (including Cologne, Treves, Strasburg, Metz, Toul and Verdun, and part of Aquitaine). He was 25 at its father"s death and proved to be a rough and energetic fighter.

(d. 533 or 534), Merovingian king of Reims from 511. Theodoric was the eldest son of Clovis I, but born of an unknown woman, unlike the other sons, whose mother was Clotilda. An able soldier, he played an important part in his father"s campaigns against the Visigoths. On Clovis" death in 511 a fourfold division of his kingdom took place, each of his sons receiving some territories north of the Loire River and some to its south. No doubt as the most experienced of the four, Theodoric received those northern lands (the future Austrasia) most exposed to attack; their axis was the Rhine. In the 520s Theodoric gained a share of his brother Clodomir"s kingdom when the dead king"s sons were murdered by Theodoric"s two other half-brothers, Childebert and Chlotar. Theodoric campaigned with Clodomir against the Burgundians in 524 and with Chlotar against the Visigoths in 532. His greatest success lay in the subjection of the Thuringians, achieved with the help of Chlotar c. 531. It was perhaps now that the Saxons were temporarily also reduced to dependence. As violent and unscrupulous as most of the other Merovingian rulers, Theodoric was arguably the most vigorous and effective of Clovis" sons. He was succeeded by his son, Theodebert I.

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Theuderic I Of The Franks
King of the Franks .
(Theuderic Franks)
Died in 533
Chlodovech I Of The Franks, King of the Franks 463-511
Chrotechilde Of Burgundy
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
Theudebert I Of The +547
King of Reims

Theuderic I of the Franks King Of Austrasia
(Theuderic King Of Austrasia)
Died in 543
Clovis I (Chlodovech) Magnus King Of Franks ca 476-511
X Evochilde
Marriages and children
Married to Suavegotta de Burgundy, with
Theudebert I of the Franks King Of Franks +547


Suavegotta de Burgundy
Sigismund Of Burgundy King Of Burgundy
? ?

Thierry I

m.511 Eustere(494-521), dau.of King Alaric II, King of Visigoths
1.Theodebert I

m.522 Suavegotta(504-554), dau.of Sigismond II, King of Burgundy

Theuderic I Clovisson
died 534
1.Theudebert Theudericson [died 548]
2.Theudebald Theudericson [died 555]

Austrasie, Theuderich I d" Roi
b.BEF 496
Father: de_la_Francs, Chlodovech Magnus le_Grand Roi
Mother: Evochilde
Austrasie, Theudebert I d" Roi
b.AFT 524

Theodoric ou Thierry Ier (° v. 485-Metz, 533), roi d"Autrasie et de Reims, roi de Thuringe (531) ep. Suavegote (° v. 516/17), princesse Burgonde : Auteur de la premiere branche merovingienne des rois d"Autrasie (Cf. Chapitre II).

Theodoric ou Thierry Ier (° v. 486-534), fils aine de Clovis Ier, rois de Reims (Austrasie) et d"Auvergne (511-534), roi de Thuringe en 531 ep. 1°. Eustere, fille d"Alaric II, roi des Wisigoths; 2°. Suavegothe, fille de saint-Sigismond, roi de Bourgogne. Dont :

- Du premier lit :

1. Theodebert Ier, roi de Metz (Austrasie), qui suit.

- Du second lit :

2. Theodechilde (° 523-563) ep. 1°. Hermegies, roi des Varnes; 2°. Rodiger, roi des Varnes.

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