Theodoric II - King of Burgundy(595-612) and Austrasia(612-613)

Theodoric II - King of Burgundy(595-612) and Austrasia(612-613)

Thierry II roi de Bourgogne et roi d"Orleans et roi de Paris 595-613, roi d"Austrasie 612-613
epouse: Ermenberge fille de Vitteric I roi des Wisigoths
4 enfants:
- Sigebert II roi d"Austrasie 613-613
- Corbus. mort en 613
- Childebert
- Merovee

(b. c. 586--d. late 613, Metz, Fr.), younger son of the Merovingian Childebert II; he succeeded his father as king of Burgundy in 595. Cooperation with his brother, Theodebert II of Austrasia, was followed by discord, and in 612 Theodoric, supported by his grandmother, Brunhild, overthrew his brother. His death shortly afterwards led, after the weeks-long reign of his young son and successor, Sigebert II, to the reunification of the Frankish lands under Chlotar II.

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Theodoric II, King of BURGUNDY and AUSTRASIA
<I004347> Father: Childebert II of France, King of AUSTRASIA
<I004348> Mother: Failende _____
Family 1:
1. Sigebert II, King of BURGUNDY and AUSTRASIA

When Gontran died in 592, his inheritance passed to Childebert II, son of Sigebert and Brunehilde, and after this king"s death in 595 his states were divided between his two sons, Theudebert II taking and Thierry II Burgundy. In 600 and 604 the two brothers united their forces against Clotaire II, son of Chilperic and Fredegonda, and reduced him to the condition of a petty king. Soon, however, jealousy sprang up between the two brothers, they waged war on each other, and Theudebert, twice defeated, was killed. The victorious Thierry was about inflict a like fate on Clotaire II, but died in 613, being still young and undoubtedly the victim of the excesses that had shortened the careers of most of the Merovingian princes.

Theuderic II Of The Franks
King of the Franks .
(Theuderic Franks)
Died in 613
Sigebert I Of Austrasia, King of Austrasia +575
? ?
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
Sigebert II Of The +613
King of Austrasia and Burgundy.

Theuderic II of the Franks King Of Franks
(Theuderic King Of Franks)
Died in 613
Childebert II of the Franks King Of Franks +596
? ?
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
Sigebert II of the Franks +613

Thierry II

m.606 Ermenberge, dau.of King of Visigoths
1.Sigebert II

Theuderic Ii Chilbertson
died 613

Bourgogne, Theuderich II Austrasie Roi
b.ABT 590
Father: Austrasie, Childebert II Bourgogne Roi

m.AFT 610

Austrasie, Brunehaut d" Reine
b.BEF 595


Bourgogne, Sigisbert II Austrasie Roi
b.ABT 612
Austrasie, Emma d"

Thierry II ( 587-613), roi de Paris, d"Orleans, de Bourgogne (595-613), roi de Metz (Austrasie) (612-613) ep. 606, Ermenberge, repudiee 607. Dont :

1. Sigebert ( 601-assassine, 613), roi de Metz (Austrasie) a la mort de son pere.
2. Childebert ( 602-613).
3. Corbon ou Corvus ( 603-613).
4. Merovee.

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