Theodebert II

Theodebert II - King of Austrasia(595-612)

(b. c. 584--d. 612 or later), Merovingian king of Austrasia.

Theodebert succeeded his father, Childebert II, on the throne of Austrasia in 595 while his brother, Theodoric II, mounted that of Burgundy. After early cooperation against their cousin, Chlotar II of Neustria, whom they defeated at Dormelles (near Montereau) in 599 or 600, the brothers fell out. When Chlotar attacked Burgundy in 605, Austrasia stood aloof, and in 610 Theodebert seized Theodoric by duplicity and extorted the cession of Alsace. Theodoric responded by alliance with Chlotar and invasion; capturing Theodebert, who was childless, he delivered him to their grandmother, Brunhild, previously exiled from Theodebert"s court, who forced him to become a cleric and perhaps had him murdered.

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Theodebert II roi d"Austrasie 595-612
epouse: Blichilde. morte en 608
epouse: Theodechilde. morte en 613
2 enfants:
- Clotaire
- Merovee. mort en 612

<I004345> Theodobert II of France, King of AUSTRASIA
<I004347> Father: Childebert II of France, King of AUSTRASIA
<I004348> Mother: Failende _____
BIRTH: 586
DEATH: 612
Family 1:
<I004346> Bellichildis _____
<I004335> 1. Regintrude of FRANCE


Theodobert II reigned 596-612. He was succeeded by his brother, Theodoric
II (King of Burgundy, 595-613), who reigned 612-613).

<B024178> Theodebert II (King)
BIRTH: ABT 580, ,,Austrasia
Family 1:
<B024177> 1. Emma SAXE-KENT?


Source: Kings & Queens of Britain, p 213

Theudebert II Of Austrasia
King of Austrasia .
(Theudebert Austrasia)
Died in 612
Childebert II Of The Franks, King of the Franks +596
? ?
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
Emma Of
Deposed 612

Theudebert II de Austrasia King Of Austrasia
(Theudebert King Of Austrasia)
Died in 612
Childebert II of the Franks King Of Franks +596
? ?
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
Emma de Austrasia


m.602 Belichilde(d.609)

m.609 Theodechilde

Theudebert Childebertson
died 612

Austrasie, Theudebert II Roi
b.ABT 590

Theodebert II ( 586-assassine, 612), roi de Metz (Austrasie) ep. 1. 608, Bilchide ou Bilichilde (+ 609); 2. 609, Thodichilde ou Teudichilde, s.p. Dont du premier lit :
1. Clotaire (+ 612).
2. Merovee (+ 612).
3. Une fille.

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