Sigibert I - King of Austrasia(561-575)

Sigibert I - King of Austrasia(561-575)

(b. 535--d. November? 575, Vitry, near Arras, Fr.), Frankish king of the Merovingian dynasty, son of Chlotar I and Ingund; he successfully pursued a civil war against his half brother, Chilperic I.

When Chlotar I died in 561, his kingdom was divided, in accordance with Frankish custom, among his four sons; Sigebert became king of the northeastern portion, known as Austrasia, to which he added further territory on the death of his brother, Charibert I, in 567 or 568. Incursions by the Avars, a fierce nomadic tribe related to the Huns, compelled him to move his capital from Reims to Metz; he had twice to repel their attacks (562 and c. 568). About 567 he married Brunhild, daughter of the Visigothic king Athanagild, whose other daughter, Galswintha, married Chilperic. When Chilperic had Galswintha murdered in order to marry Fredegund, Sigebert was obliged to seek revenge. The two brothers had already fought each other, but this hostility was elevated by the incident into a long and bitter war that was continued by the descendants of both. Sigebert defeated Chilperic, conquered most of his kingdom, and compelled him to hide in Tournai. But at his moment of triumph, when he had just been acclaimed king by Chilperic"s subjects at Vitry, he was struck down by two assassins in the service of Fredegund.

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Sigebert I roi d"Austrasie 561-575
epouse: Brunehaut fille d"Athanagilde roi des Wisigoths. morte en 613
1 enfant:
- Childebert II (adopte par Gontran roi de Bourgogne. cf: Dynastie Merovingienne) roi d"Austrasie 575-595, roi de Bourgogne et roi d"Orleans et roi de Paris 592-595

Sigebert Ier D"AUSTRASIE

(Sigebert D"AUSTRASIE)
Born about 535.
Died in 575.


Clotaire Ier le Vieux DE SOISSONS ca 497-561
Ingonde N... ca 500-ca 536

Marriages and children

Allied in 566 to Brunehaut DE WISIGOTHIE ca 537-613, with
Ingonde ca 567-585
Clodoswinthe *ca 568


Profession : Roi d"Austrasie de 561 575.

<I004349> Sigibert I of France, King of AUSTRASIA
<I001853> Father: Clothaire I, King of FRANKS
<I004351> Mother: Ingonde _____
BIRTH: 535
DEATH: 575, Vitry [assassinated]
Family 1:
<I004350> Brunchildis of SPAIN
<I004347> 1. Childebert II of France, King, AUSTRASIA


<B024819> Sigebert I MEROVING (King)
<B020764> Father: Clotaire (The_Old) I MEROVING (King)
<B022792> Mother: Ingonde de THURINGE (Queen)
BIRTH: 523, Metz,Austrasia,France
DEATH: 575, ,,France

King of Austrasia 561-575
Source: The Lives of the Kings and Queens of France, p 12;
Genmatch (genie) <>

Sigibert reigned 561-75 per "The Lives of the Kings and Queens of France,"
Duc de Castries (NY: Alfred A. knopf, 1979). He was killed at the behest
of Queen Fredegund, his brother"s wife.

Sigebert I,King of Austrasia(535-575), m.Brunhilda

Sigebert I Of Austrasia
King of Austrasia .
(Sigebert Austrasia)
Died in 575
Chlothar I Of The Franks, King of the Franks +561
? ?
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
Ingunda Of +585
Childebert II Of The Franks +596
Theuderic II Of The Franks +613
Married to ? ?, with
Chodoswintha Of
King of the Franks

Sigebert I de Austrasia King Of Austrasia
(Sigebert King Of Austrasia)
Born about 535, of Metz, Austrasia, France
Died (575-579), Metz, Austrasia, France
Chlothar I the Old of the Franks King Of Franks 497-561
Ingonde (Radegond) Von Thuringia *
Marriages and children
Married (566-568), Metz, Austrasia, France, to Brunhilda Of The Visigoths, with
Ingunda de Austrasia +
Chodoswintha de Austrasia
Childebert II of the Franks King Of Franks +596

Sigebert, I King Austrasia

(Sigebert Austrasia)

Born about 535, Of,Metz,Austrasia,France
Died (ABT 575/579), ,Metz,Austrasia,France


Clotaire I, King_Of_The Franks ca 497-561
Ingonde, Queen Of_The Franks *

Marriages and children

Married (ABT 566/568), Of,Metz,Austrasia,France, to Brunehaut, Princess Of Visigoths

Sigibert X

Born about 521
Died in 575


Charlbert I, King_Of Paris 520-
Ingoberge, Queen Of Paris ca 520-589

Marriages and children

Married to Brunchildis ?

Sigebert I
d.575, Vitry

m.566 Metz, Brunehaut(543, Toledo-13.10.613), dau.of Athanagild, King of Visigoths
3.Childebert II

Sigberet I Lotharson
died 575
m.Brunhilde Visigoth
1.Childeberet Siberetson

Austrasie, Sigisbert I d" Roi
b.AFT 526
Father: de_la_Francs, Chlothar I Soissons Roi
Mother: Chrunsine

m.ABT 567

b.ABT 540
Father: Toledo, Athanagild the Visigoth King
Mother: Goswinda


Austrasie, Ingunda d"
Austrasie, Childebert II Bourgogne Roi
Austrasie, Chodoswintha of
Austrasia, Anchise d"

Sigebert Ier, roi d"Austrasie : Auteur de la seconde branche merovingienne des rois d"Austrasie (Cf. Chapitre III).

Sigebert Ier ( 535-Vitry (assassine), 575), cinquieme fils de Clotaire Ier et de la reine Ingonde, roi de Metz (Austrasie) (561-575) ep. 568, Brunehaut ( v. 543-Reneve, 613), qui veuve s"est remariee a Merovee, fils de Chilperic Ier, fille puinee d"Athanagilde, roi des Wisigoths d"Espagne et de Gosuinte. Dont :

1. Childebert II, roi de Metz (Austrasie), qui suit.
2. Ingonde (+ 585) ep. 580, saint Hermenegilde (+ martyr a Tolede en 586), fils de Leuvigilde ou Leovigilde, roi des Wisigoths d"Espagne.
3. Clodosvinthe ou Clodosinde ep. 1. Flace Autharis, roi des Lombards; 2. Recarede, roi des Wisigoths d"Espagne, frere puine de saint Hermenegilde.

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