Bertha (Aldeberga,Blithildis)

Bertha (Aldeberga,Blithildis)


See her alternative ancestries:

- as dau.of Charibert I - King of Paris(561-567) [Meroving]

- as dau.of Charibert, a noble in Neustria ca 636 [Bodilon]

St. Bertha
d. 612

The first Christian queen of England, a Frankish princess. She married Ethelbert of Kent, a pagan king, and she brought her chaplain, Luidhard, to the court. Ethelbert welcomed St. Augustine to Kent in 596. No feast day has been given to Bertha, but she has been venerated since her death.


(Berthe ou Aldeberge DE PARIS)

Born about 548.
Died in 580.


Caribert Ier DE PARIS 520-ca 567
Ingoberge N... ca 519-589

Marriages and children

Allied to Aethelbyrth Ier DE KENT ca 545-616, with
Eadbald ca 580-640

Berthe\Aldeberge\Blithildis de Paris
Born about 541, of Paris, Seine, France
Died in 580
Charibert I of the Franks King Of Paris 520-567
Ingoberge (de Paris) ca 520-589
Marriages and children
Married to St. AEthelbert I of Kent King Of Kent +, with
Eadbald Of Kent +640
Ethelburga Of Kent +647

Berthe (Aldeberge, Blithildis), Kent

Born (ABT 541/548), Of,Paris,Seine,France
Died in 580


Charlbert I, King_Of Paris 520-
Ingoberge, Queen Of Paris ca 520-589

Marriages and children

Married to Ausbert X ca 520, with
Arnoldus Of Saxony ca 550-601
Married on September 21, 1820, ,,,France, to Ethelbert, King Of Kent

Bertha,m.Aethelbert I

m.566 Ethelbert, King of Kent


She was the mother of Aethelberga who m.Edwin(d.633), King of York.

Paris, Bertha de
b.BEF 567
Father: Paris, Charibert de Roi

m.AFT 583

Kent, AEthelbert I of King / Saint
b.BEF 540
d.24 FEB 616
Father: Kent, Eormenric of King


Kent, Eadbald of King
Kent, Ethelburga of
b.AFT 582

Berthe ep. Ethelbert, roi de Kent

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