Childeric I - King of Salic Franks(456-481/2)

Childeric I - King of Salic Franks(456-481/2)

Childeric I

(d. 481/482), king of the Salian Franks, one of the first of the Merovingians and the father of Clovis I.

The Salian Franks, in treaty with the Roman Empire, had settled in Belgica Secunda, between the Meuse and Somme rivers, making their capital at Tournai. Childeric"s role as a barbarian ally of the Romans was important. He helped the Roman military commander Aegidius to repel the Visigoths near Orléans (463); at the request of Aegidius" successor, Count Paulus, he attacked the Visigoths again in 469. Soon afterward he cleared Anglo-Saxon pirates from the district southwest of Orleans around Angers. Childeric"s tomb at Tournai was discovered in 1653.

Childeric I roi des Francs 458-459 et 463-481
epouse: Basine
1 fils:
- Clovis I Le Grand roi des Francs. cf: dessous

Yssel, Childeric I de_la_Francs Roi
Father: Yssel, Meroveus II de_la_Francs Roi
Mother: Verica

m.BEF 455

Thuringen, Basine von
Father: Thuringen, Basine von Koenig


Burgund, Chilperich I von Roi
de_la_Francs, Chlodovech Magnus le_Grand Roi
Francs, Audefleda de_la

Title: Salic Franks" King (456-481/2)
Birth: c. 435
Death: c. 481/2
Family 1:
Marriage: c. 463

Childeric Ier DE FRANCIE

(Childeric DE FRANCIE)
Born about 436.
Died on December 26, 481.


Merovee II DE FRANCIE ca 411-457
Chlodeswinthe DE FRANCIE ca 418-449

Marriages and children

Allied about 463 to Basine DE COLOGNE ca 445-491, with
Clovis Ier 466-511


Profession : Roi des Francs Saliens de 457 à 481.

<I001860> Childeric I, King of Salic FRANKS
<I001862> Father: Merovaeus, King of FRANKS
<I005735> Mother: Verica, Princess of SWEDEN
BIRTH: 437
DEATH: 481, Tournai
Family 1:
<I001861> Basina of THURINGIA
<I001855> 1. Clovis I ("The Great"), King of FRANKS


Childeric I was established around Tournai with his tribe and fought against the Visigoths with the Roman General Odoacer and with him intercepted a band of Alamanni. He ruled the Salic Franks 458-481; his kingdom included Seine, Marne, Meuse, Moselle, Treves, Angers and Orleans. In 1653 his tomb was discovered at Tournai. He broke with Rome and was succeeded by his son Clovis. Childeric"s tribe had come to the fertile valleys of the Somme and the Oise rivers to find new lands to farm.

<Y003951> Mother: VERICA
BIRTH: 437
DEATH: 481
Family 1:
<Y003949> BASINGA

Childeric I, son of Merovech, died about 482, leaving his inheritance to his son, Clodovic, whose name had been corrupted by modern historians into Clovis. The records show several children of Childeric I., as follows:
1. Clovis I.
2. One daughter, Albofled, died shortly after being baptized in the Christian faith (ref: Gregory of Tours).
3. Another daughter, Lanthechild, a heretic practicing Arianism, was also baptized into the Christian faith (ref: Gregory of Tours).

Childeric (c. 475-481)
According to Gregory of Tours, the reign of Childeric was interrupted when he fled to Thuringia due to assasination threats. During his absence, the Franks chose the Roman general Aegidius as their king. It seems that even during his presence, Childeric was not a strong king, and that the history of the Frankish kingdom really begins with the reign of his son Clovis.

Childeric Ier
King of the Franks 458-496.

Childeric, son of Merovaeus, also served the empire under Count Aegidius and subsequently under Count Paul, whom he assisted in repelling the Saxons from Angers. Childeric died at Tournai, his capital, where his tomb was found in 1653 (Cochet, Le tombeau de Childeric, Paris, 1859). But Childeric did not transmit to his son Clovis, who succeeded him in 481, the entire inheritance left by Clodion. The latter seems to have reigned over all the Cis-Rhenish Franks, and the monarchy was divided among his descendants, although the exact time of the division is not known. There were now two Frankish groups: the Ripuarians, who occupied the banks of the Rhine and whose kings resided in Cologne, and the Salians who had established themselves in the Low Countries. The Salians did not form a single kingdom; besides the Kingdom of Tournai there were kingdoms with centres at Cambrai and Tongres. Their sovereigns, both Salian and Ripuarian, belonged to the Merovingian family and seem to have been descended from Clodion.

Childeric I Of The Franks
King of the Franks .
(Childeric Franks)
Died in 482
Merovech Of The Franks, King of the Franks +458
? ?
Marriages and children
Married to X Basina, with
X Audefleda +526
X Alboflede
X Lantechilde
Chlodovech I Of The 463-511

Childeric I of the Franks King Of Franks
(Childeric King Of Franks)
Born in 436, Westphalia, Germany
Died on November 26, 481
Merovech (Meroveus) King Of Franks -
Verica Pss Of Sweden ca 419
Marriages and children
Married in 463 to Basine (Of The Franks) -476/, with
Audefleda ( Andelfieda) Of The Franks ca 456-526
Alboflede (Blanchefleur) Of The Franks ca 467-/511
Lantechilde ( Lantraldis) Of The Franks *
Clodius I Duke Of East Franks ca 473-494
Guntran Prince Of Franks ca 475
Clovis I (Chlodovech) Magnus ca 476-511
Married to ? ?, with
Chilperich II of Burgundy King Of Burgundians 450-

Childeric I, King_Of_The Franks
(Childeric Franks)

Born in 436, ,,Westphalia,Germany
Died (26 NOV 481/484)


Merovee, King Of_The Franks ca 415-
Verica, Queen Of_The Franks ca 419

Marriages and children

Married ( 463/465), ,,,Germany, to Basina (Mrs-Childeric), Queen_Of_The Franks, Princess -470/, with
Clovis I,_"The_Great" King_Of_The ca 465-511
Alboflede, "Blanchefleur" Princess ca 467-/511
Lantraldis (Lanthilde), Princess *
Andelfieda (Audeflede), Princess ca 469
Clodius, Duke Of ca 473-494
Guntran, Prince Of ca 475

Childeric I,King of Salian Franks(436-481)

Childeric I
d.481, Tournai
m.Basine, widow of Basin, King of Thuringia

Childeric Meroveusson
died 481
m.Quin Basinia Ii Of Thuringia
1.Clovis King Childericsson Franks

Childeric Ier (° v. 436-Tournai, 481), fils probable de Merovee, roi des Francs en 458, depose en 459, rappele en 463 et regne jusqu"a sa mort ep. ap. 463, Basine de Thringes (° v. 440), fille de Basin, roi de Thuringe. Dont :

1. Clovis, roi des Francs, qui suit.
2. Adboflede (bap. Noel 496 avec son frere), religieuse.
3. Lantechilde abjure l"heresie des ariens et bap. en 496.
4. Audeflede (+ 534), bap. 469 ep. avt. Noel 496, Theodoric (+ 526), roi des Ostrogoths.

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