Clothaire I - King of Soissons(511-558) and all Franks(558-561)

Clothaire I - King of Soissons(511-558) and all Franks(558-561)

(b. c. 500?--d. late 561, Compiègne, Fr.), Merovingian king of Soissons from 511 and of the whole Frankish kingdom from 558, who played an important part in the extension of Frankish hegemony.

The youngest of Clovis I"s sons, Chlotar shared in the partition of his father"s kingdom in 511, receiving the old heartlands of the Salian Franks in modern northern France and Belgium. After the death of his brother, Clodomir, in 524, he murdered his nephews and shared the kingdom of Orleans with his two remaining brothers, Childebert I and Theodoric I. The deaths without heirs of the latter"s grandson, Theodebald, in 555 and of Childebert in 558 brought all the Frankish lands finally under Chlotar"s sway.

Chlotar"s principal campaigns were against the Burgundians in 523 (with Childebert and Clodomir) and 532-534 (when he and Childebert finally imposed Frankish rule), against the Visigoths in 532 (with Theodoric) and 542 (with Childebert), and against the Thuringians in c. 531 (with Theodoric); he married the Thuringian princess, Radegunda. Chlotar was ruthless and brutal, and the family rivalries and sometimes open hostilities in which he figured prominently were characteristic of Merovingian history; in 560 he even had his rebellious son, Chram, together with Chram"s family, put to death. Gregory of Tours describes Chlotar, wracked with fever on his deathbed, asking--whether in outrage or in admiration--what manner of heavenly king it was who would bring great rulers to their deaths in such a fashion.

Clotaire I Le Vieux roi de Neustrie (ou de Soissons) 511-558, co roi d"Orleans 526-532 puis roi d"Orleans 532-558, co roi de Bourgogne 534-561, roi d"Austrasie 555-558, roi des Francs 558-561
epouse: Ingonde fille de Chlodomir II roi des Germains. morte en 546
epouse: Aregonde ou Arnegonde fille de Chlodomir II roi des Germains. morte en 573
epouse: Ghunteuce ou Gontheuque fille de Gondebaud roi des Burgondes. morte en 532
epouse: Sainte Radegonde fille d"Hermanfired roi de Thuringe. morte en 587
epouse: Chunsene.
epouse: Waltrade fille de Vacon I roi des Lombards.
6 enfants + 1 fils naturel:
- Caribert I ou Charibert roi de Paris 561-568
- Gonthaire
- Chramne duc d"Aquitaine. mort en 560
- Childeric
- Saint Gontran co roi de Bourgogne 534-561 puis roi de Bourgogne 561-592, roi d"Orleans 561-592, roi de Paris 584-592
- Sigebert I roi d"Austrasie 561-575
- Fils naturel Chilperic I roi de Neustrie. cf: dessous

Clotaire Ier le Vieux DE SOISSONS

(Clotaire DE SOISSONS)
Born about 497.
Died on November 10, 561.


Clovis Ier DE FRANCIE 466-511
Clotilde DE BURGONDIE ca 475-545

Marriages and children

Allied before 519 to Ingonde N... ca 500-ca 536, with
Caribert Ier DE PARIS 520-ca 567
Sigebert Ier D"AUSTRASIE ca 535-575
Allied about 536 to Haregonde DE THURINGE *ca 510, with
Chilperic Ier DE NEUSTRIE 536-584
Allied to Chusène N... *ca 515
Allied in 538 to Radegonde DE THURINGE 518-587
Allied to Gondiuque N... *ca 525
Allied to Waltrade N... *ca 530


Profession : Roi de Soissons de 511 à 561.

<I001853> Clothaire I, King of FRANKS
<I001855> Father: Clovis I ("The Great"), King of FRANKS
<I001856> Mother: Clothilda of BURGUNDY
BIRTH: 499
DEATH: DEC__561, Tours
Family 1:
<I004351> Ingonde _____
<I004349> 1. Sigibert I of France, King of AUSTRASIA
Family 2:
<I001854> Radegonda
<I002685> 1. Blitildis
<I001851> 2. Chilperic I, King of NEUSTRIA
Family 3:
<I019130> 1. Charibert, King of PARIS

<B020764> Clotaire (The_Old) I MEROVING (King)
BIRTH: ABT 497, ,Neustria,France
DEATH: 10 NOV 561, ,Neustria,France
Family 1:
<B022792> Ingonde de THURINGE (Queen)
<B020771> 1. Caribert MEROVING (King of Franks)
<B024818> 2. Guntram MEROVING (King)
<B024819> 3. Sigebert I MEROVING (King)
Family 2:
<B020765> Radegonde Aregonde de THURINGE
<B020772> 1. Chilperic I MEROVING (King)
Family 3:
<B023300> Waldrada de Lombardy
<B020763> 1. Blitilde MEROVING

<Y003946> Father: CLOVIS THE GREAT
<Y003947> Mother: CHLOTILDE SAINT
DEATH: 561
Family 1:
<Y003945> INGONDE
<Y003943> 1. BLITHILDE

His first name is also spelled "Closaire", "Clothaire" or "Chlothachar" "Le Vieux" He was the youngest son of Clovis I. Accession to the thrown in 558. King of Franks (558-561); King of Soissons (511) Source: Genealogy of the Kings of France; Charlemagne"s Ancestors; Charlemagne"s 40 Generation Ahnentafel Chart by Tom Peterson, 24 Oct 1992 The Lives of the Kings and Queens of France, p 19

Clothaire I ruled Soissons which consisted of Soissons, Laon, Amiens, Cambrai, Terouanne and Limoges, being largely the original Merovingian kingdom. He conquered Burgundy and Provence, 534-536; from 558 until his death in 561 he was sole king of the Franks. {see Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1959 Edition, 5:845} He was the last of the great Merovingian kings - at his death the kingdom was divided among his surviving sons. At his death Clothaire protested, "Wa! Wa! How great is the king of Heaven, who can kill kings as great as I am." {-"The Age of Arthur," John Morris, 1973, p.258.} Clothaire reigned 511-561. He is buried at Saint Medard at Soissons; he died of a fever after strenuous hunting. Clothaire was married six times and also had several affairs. On the death of his brother, Clodomir, he murdered his children and married his widow. He repeated this on the death of his nephew Theodebald (marrying his widow, Valrada, dau. of the King of the Lombards). Two of his wives were sisters.

Clotaire (Clothaire) (Chlothar) I, King of the Franks, 558-562, born in 500 and died in 562. He married, according to Gregory of Tours, (1) Guntheuca, wife of his dead brother, Chlodomer. He married (2) Chunsina; (3) Ingunde; (4) Aregunda, Ingunda"s sister; (5) Radegunda, daughter of the Thuringian king Berthar, who became a nun at Poitiers about 550; (6) a concubine; and (7) Vuldetrude, Theodovald"s widow. At the time of his father"s death, he received Soissons, Laon, Noyon, and the old Frankish country: Cambrai, Tournai, and the lower side of the Meuse. According to the "History of the Franks," the children of Clothar I. were as follows with each wife.
From the first marriage with Guntheuca:
1. Theodobert, died in 575.
2. Merovech, died in 577.
3. Clovis died in 580.
4. Basina, nun at Poitiers.
From the second marriage with Chunsina:
1. Chrammus, died in 560.
From the third marriage with Ingunde (Ingunda):
1. Gunthar, died before 561.
2. Childeric, died in 561.
3. Charibert (Caribert) I., died young in 567. He received his uncle Childebert"s kingdom together with Paris, reigning from 562 to 566. At his death, his share was divided. Sigebert, as King of Austrasia, took Vendomois, Tours, Poitou, and part of Aquitaine. Guntram took Saintonge, Angoumois, Perigord, Agenais, and Nantais. Chilperic received territory from all sides. By common consent, Paris and its territory was declared neutral. This chaotic division was clear proof of the Merovingians" political ineffectiveness.
4. Gunthram (Gontran or Guntramn), died in 593. He received Clodimir"s kingdom, with Orleans as its capital, and including Burgundy.
5. Sigibert, died in 575. He received Theodoric"s old estate, the dangerous eastern marches. He married Brunhilda, who died in 613, daughter of the King of the Visigoths. He was followed by his son, Childebert II., died in 595. He in turn was succeeded by Theodobert II., who died in 612, and Theodoric II., who died in 613.
6. Clotsinda, married a king of Lombard.
7. Riguntha
8. Clodobert, died in 580.
9. Samson, died in 577.
10. Dagobert, died in 580.
11. Theodoric, died in 584.
12. Clothar II., died in 629.
One source records that Clotaire Clothar) had an incestuous relationship with his wife"s sister. The "History of the Franks" shows the relationship as a "marriage." In any case the fourth union with Aregunda, sister of Ingunda was as follows:
1. Chilperic I., died 584. He married (1) Audovera, (2) Gaisuenta (Galswintha), Brunhilda"s sister, and (3) Fredegunda. From the third marriage, there was a son, Clotaire II., who at his death in 628 had been sole king for 15 years. His sons were Dagobert I., King of Austrasia, 623-634, and Charibert II., King of Aquitaine, 629-632.
The records do not show any children from the fifth or the seventh "marriage." The sixth union with an unknown concubine resulted in an illegitimate daughter, Gundovald.
According to Wurts and others, but not found in "The History of the Franks," Clothar I. also had a daughter as follows:
1. Blithildis.

Clotaire Ier
King of Soissons 511, king of the Franks 558.

Clothaire I
BIRTH: 497
DEATH: 561
Family 1:
1. Blithildes


King of Frankerne

Chlothar I

Clotaire I, the last of the four brothers, becoming sole heir to the estate of his father, Clovis. Clotaire reduced the Saxons and Bavarians to a state of vassalage, and died in 561 leaving four sons; once more the monarchy was divided, being partitioned in about the same way as on the death of Clovis in 511: Gontran reigned at Orleans, Charibert at Paris, Sigebert at Reims, and Chilperic at Soissons.

Chlothar I Of The Franks
King of the Franks .
(Chlothar Franks)
Died in 561
Chlodovech I Of The Franks, King of the Franks 463-511
Chrotechilde Of Burgundy
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
Charibert I Of The +567
Sigebert I Of Austrasia +575
King of Soissons

Chlothar I the Old of the Franks King Of Franks
(Chlothar King Of Franks)
Born in 497, Rheims, Marne, Loire-Alantique, France
Died on November 23, 561, Braines, Loire Atlantique, France
Clovis I (Chlodovech) Magnus King Of Franks ca 476-511
St. Chrotechilde (Clothilde) de Burgundy ca 475-548
Marriages and children
Married to Ingonde (Radegond) Von Thuringia *, with
Guntramm of the Franks King Of Orléans +592
Gonthier of the Franks Prince Of Franks ca 519-561
Chilperic I of the Franks King Of Soissons ca 519-584
Charibert I of the Franks King Of Paris 520-567
Clododinde Of The Franks ca 530
Sigebert I de Austrasia King Of Austrasia ca 535-


Ingonde (Radegond) Von Thuringia
Born (499-502), Thuringia, Germany
Berthar Half King Of Thuringia
? ?

Clotaire I, King_Of_The Franks
(Clotaire Franks)

Born about 497, Rheims,Marne,Loire-Alantique,France
Died on November 23, 561, Braines,Loire Atlantique,France
Buried - St Medard Abbey,Soissons,Aisne,France


Clovis I,_"The_Great" King_Of_The Franks ca 465-511
Clotilde, Queen Of_The Franks ca 475-548

Marriages and children

Married about 538 to Radegonde, Queen Of Franks
Married about 523 to Haregonde Aregonde, Queen Franks
Married, Not Married, to Waldrade ?
Married, Not Married, to Chunsene Gunsine Gunsinde ?
Married, Not Married, to Gondinque, Queen Of Orleans
Married, ,,,France, to Ingonde, Queen Of_The Franks *, with
Gonthier, Prince Of ca 519-561
Childebert Childeric, Prince ca 519-561
Charlbert I, King_Of Paris 520-
Gontran, King Of Orleans 525-
Clododinde, Queen Of Lombards ca 530
Sigebert, I King Austrasia ca 535-


Gondinque, Queen Of Orleans
Marriages and children
Married to Clodomer, King Of Orleans 495-524
Married, Not Married, to Clotaire I, King_Of_The Franks ca 497-561

Ingonde, Queen Of_The Franks
Born (ABT 499/502), ,,Thuringia,Germany

Chlothar(Clotaire)I,King of Franks(501-561)

Clotaire I
d.Dec 561, Compiegne

m.525 Gontheuque de Burgondie(490-532), widow of his brother Clodomir

m.535 Ingonde(510-546), dau.of Clodomir II, King of Worms
4.Charibert I
6.Sigebert I


m.Arnegonde(515-573 or 500-570), sister of Ingonde
7.Chilperic I

m.538 Radegonde (513, Disparg-13.8.587, Potiers), dau.of Berthaire, King of Thuringia

m.Vuldetrade, widow of his grand-nephew Theodebald

m.N [???]

Lothar I Childebertson
1.Sigberet I Lotharson
2.Biltildis Lotharsdtr
3.Cheribert Lotharson
4.Guntram Lotharson

5.Chilperic Lotharson

de_la_Francs, Chlothar I Soissons Roi
Father: de_la_Francs, Chlodovech Magnus le_Grand Roi
Mother: Burgund, Chrotechildis Chlotilde von Saint / Reine


b.BEF 502


Paris, Charibert de Roi

m.BEF 523

b.BEF 508


Soissons, Chilperich I de Roi
Soissons, Blithildis de

m.BEF 526

b.BEF 510


Austrasie, Sigisbert I d" Roi

m.ABT 526

Thuringen, Radegonde von Princess
b.BEF 510
d.5 AUG 587


Bourgogne, Guntram d" Orleans Roi
b.AFT 526

m.AFT 530

b.BEF 515


Soissons, Chramn de
b.AFT 517

m.BEF 558

b.BEF 530


Soissons, Chlotsuintha Clotsinda de Princess

Clotaire Ier "Le Vieux" (° v. 497-Compiegne, 29.11.561), roi de Soissons (Neustrie (511-561), roi d"Orleans (532-561), de Bourgogne (534-561), d"Autrasie (55-561), de Paris et de tout le Pays Franc (558-561) ep. 1°. v. 517, Ingonde; 2°. 524, Haregonde, soeur de la precedente; 3°. Chunsene (ou Gunsine, ou Gunsinde); 4°. 538, Sainte Radegonde (° 519-587), fille de Berthaire, roi de Thuringe, s.p.; 5°. Gondiuque, veuve de Clodomir, roi d"Orleans, s.p.; 6°. v. 555, Waldrade, fille puinee de Wacho, roi des Lombards et des Ostrogoths, s.p. Dont :

- Du premier lit :

1. Gonthier (° v. 519-561).
2. Childebert ou Childeric (+ jeune 561).
3. Charibert (° v. 520-Paris, 568), roi de Paris (561-568) ep. 1°. Ingoberge (° v. 520-589); 2°. Meroflede ou Mirefleur, s.p.; 3°. Marcovefa (+ v. 570); 4°. Theodichilde (+ ap. 570).
4. Saint Gontrant (° 525-28.03.592), roi d"Orleans (561-592), de Bourgogne (561-592), de Paris (584-592) ep. 1°. Venerande; 2°. 556, Marcatrude (+ v. 566), repudiee en 565, fille de Magnachaire, duc des Francs, s.p.; 2°. v. 566, Austregilde dite "Bobile" (° v. 548-580).
5. Sigebert Ier, roi d"Austrasie : Auteur de la seconde branche merovingienne des rois d"Austrasie (Cf. Chapitre III).
6. Clodosinte ep. Alboin, premier roi des Lombards d"Italie.

- Du second lit :

7. Chilperic Ier, roi de Soissons et de Paris, qui suit.

- Du troisieme lit :

8. Chramme (+ 560), duc d"Aquitaine ep. 557, Chalde (+ 560), fille du duc Wilichaire. Dont plusieurs filles.

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