Childebert I - King of Paris(511-558)

Childebert I - King of Paris(511-558)

Childebert I roi de Paris 511-558, roi d"Orleans 524-526 puis co roi d"Orleans 526-532
epouse: Ultrogotha fille de Wideric prince d"Ostrogothie

<I007144> Childebert I, King of PARIS
<I001855> Father: Clovis I ("The Great"), King of FRANKS
<I001856> Mother: Clothilda of BURGUNDY
OCCUPATION: [reigned 511-58]
DEATH: 558


Childebert is third son of Clovis and received the northwestern portion of his domains with Paris as his capital (including Amiens, Rouen, Beauvais, Le Mans and Coutances).

(b. c. 498?--d. Dec. 23, 558, Paris), Merovingian king of Paris from 511, who helped to incorporate Burgundy into the Frankish realm.

Childebert was a son of Clovis I and Clotilda. He received lands in northwestern France, stretching from the Somme down to Brittany, in the partition of his father"s kingdom in 511; to these he added part of the kingdom of Orleans in the 520s (by the murder of his brother Chlodomer"s young heirs), part of the kingdom of Burgundy in 534 (by conquest, with his brother Chlotar I), and Provence in 537 (by treaty). After a campaign in 531 against the Visigoths, who still held the coastal strip between the Rhône and the Pyrenees, he invaded Spain itself in 542 in alliance with Chlotar; although the expedition had no great success, he did bring back with him the tunic of the martyred St. Vincent, housing this in a new foundation at Paris that came to be called Saint-Germain-des-Pres. Childebert left no sons, and his lands were taken over by Chlotar on his death.

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Childebert I Of The Franks
King of the Franks .
(Childebert Franks)
Died in 558
Chlodovech I Of The Franks, King of the Franks 463-511
Chrotechilde Of Burgundy
King of Paris

Childebert I of the Franks King Of Paris
(Childebert King Of Paris)
Born about 496, Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France
Died on December 23, 558, Paris, Seine, France
Clovis I (Chlodovech) Magnus King Of Franks ca 476-511
St. Chrotechilde (Clothilde) de Burgundy ca 475-548

Childebert, King Of Paris

Born about 496, Rheims,Marne,Loire-Atlantique,France
Died on December 23, 558, ,Paris,Seine,France
Buried - St Vincent Abbey,Paris,Seine,France


Clovis I,_"The_Great" King_Of_The Franks ca 465-511
Clotilde, Queen Of_The Franks ca 475-548

Marriages and children

Married to Vultrogothe, Queen Of Paris

Childebert I
m.522 Ultrogothe(b.497), dau.of Wideric, Prince of Ostrogoths

Childebert I Clovisson

Paris, Childebert de Roi
b.AFT 509
d.23 DEC 558
Father: de_la_Francs, Chlodovech Magnus le_Grand
Mother: Burgund, Chrotechildis Chlotilde von
Saint / Reine

m.AFT 515

b.AFT 500


b.AFT 515
b.AFT 515

Childebert Ier (° v. 497-Paris, 23.12.558), roi de Paris (ou de France) (511-558), roi d"Orleans (526-532), roi de Bourgogne (534-558) ep. avt. 541, Vultrogothe (+ ap. 558). Dont :
A. Crotberge.
B. Crodesine.

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