Chlodomer - King of Orleans(511-524)

Chlodomer - King of Orleans(511-524)

Clodomir roi d"Orleans 511-524
epouse: Ghunteuce ou Gontheuque fille de Gondebaud roi des Burgondes. morte en 532
3 enfants:
- Theobald. mort en 532
- Gonthaire. mort en 532
- Saint Cloud moine. mort en 560

<I007143> Clodomir, King of ORLEANS
<I001855> Father: Clovis I ("The Great"), King of FRANKS
<I001856> Mother: Clothilda of BURGUNDY
OCCUPATION: [reigned 511-524]
DEATH: 524, [killed in battle]


Clodomir was eldest son of Queen Clothilda. As second son of Clovis, he received the districts of Orleans and Chartres, Anjou, La Touraine, Le Berry and Poitou. He died in battle against the Burgundians, leaving three sons who were cared for by their grandmother, Clotilda, at Tours (the eldest two were murdered and the youngest found refuge in monasticism).

also spelled CHLODOMER (b. c. 496?--d. June 25, 524, Vezeronce, near Vienne [France]), Merovingian king of Orleans from 511.

The eldest son of Clovis I by Clotilda, Clodomir shared in the fourfold partition of his father"s kingdom in 511, receiving lands in western and central France; his was the only one of the four kingdoms to form a single geographical unit on both sides of the Loire River. In 523, with his two full brothers, Chlotar I and Childebert I, as allies, he attacked his eastern neighbours, the Burgundians; their king, Sigismund, was captured and put to death together with his family. In the following year, Clodomir resumed the attack, this time with his half-brother, Theodoric I, but was killed at the battle of Vezeronce, where king Godomer, Sigismund"s brother, was his opponent. Two of Clodomir"s young sons were then murdered by Chlotar and Childebert, who shared his lands with Theodoric. A third son, Chlodovald, escaped, to enter the religious life and found the monastery at Paris which bears his name (Saint-Cloud).

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Chlodomer Of The Franks
King of the Franks .
Died in 524
Chlodovech I Of The Franks, King of the Franks 463-511
Chrotechilde Of Burgundy
King of Orléans.

Chlodomer of the Franks King Of Orléans
(Chlodomer King Of Orléans)
Born in 495, Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France
Died on May 1, 524, Orléans, Loiret, France
Clovis I (Chlodovech) Magnus King Of Franks ca 476-511
St. Chrotechilde (Clothilde) de Burgundy ca 475-548
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?

Clodomer, King Of Orleans

Born in 495, Rheims,Marne,Loire-Atlantique,France
Died on May 1, 524, ,Orleans,Loiret,France


Clovis I,_"The_Great" King_Of_The Franks ca 465-511
Clotilde, Queen Of_The Franks ca 475-548

Marriages and children

Married to Gondinque, Queen Of Orleans


Gondinque, Queen Of Orleans
Marriages and children
Married to Clodomer, King Of Orleans 495-524
Married, Not Married, to Clotaire I, King_Of_The Franks ca 497-561

d.25.6.524, Vezeronce
m.517 Gontheuque(490-532), dau.of Gondebaud, King of Burgundy

Chlodomer Clovisson

Orleans, Chlodomer I d" Roi
b.AFT 508

Clodomir (° 495-25.06.524), roi d"Orleans (511-524) ep. 514/21, Gondioque. Dont :
A. Theobald ou Thibaud.
B. Gonthier.
C. Clodoald ou Saint-Cloud (° v. 522-v. 560), pretre.

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