Childeric III - King of all Franks(743-752)

Childeric III - King of all Franks(743-752)

See his alternative ancestry -- as son of Theodoric IV

Childeric III roi des Francs 743-751 abdique, puis devient moine. mort en 755
epouse: Gisele
1 enfant:
- Thierry moine

Childeric III, King of FRANKS


(d. 755), the last Merovingian king.

Effective power in France had long been wielded by the Carolingian mayors of the palace, but the revolt that followed the death of Charles Martel in 741 made it wise for his sons Carloman and Pepin III the Short, in 743, to place Childeric III, a Merovingian of questionable legitimacy, on the Frankish throne, so that they could dissemble their authority behind his name. Carloman entered a monastery in 747, and, when Pepin felt sufficiently secure to have himself elected king of the Franks (751), Childeric was deposed and confined in the monastery of Sithiu, near Saint-Omer.

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Childeric III (742-751)

Son of Chilperic II. Childeric III was the last of the Merovingian rulers. He was deposed by Pepin the Short.

Childeric III

m.737 Gisele(715-755), dau.of Caribert II, Cte de Laon

Childeric Iii Childeric-Iison

de_la_Francs, Childerich III Roi
b.AFT 693
Father: de_la_Francs, Chilperich II Daniel Roi

m.AFT 740

France, Gisela de
b.BEF 725
Father: Francs, Charles Martel de_la Major Domus
Mother: Chrotrud Rotrou


Ripuarien, Theoderich von Koln Graf

Childeric III, "L"Idiot" ou "Le Faineant" (v. 714-755), roi de Metz (Austrasie), de Bourgogne, de Paris, d"Orleans et de tout le Pays Franc (743-752) ep. Gisele. Dont :

1. Theodoric, dernier des Merovingiens.

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