Itta (Ituberga) - Abbess of Nivelles

Itta (Ituberga) - Abbess of Nivelles

Blessed Ida of Nivelles, OSB Widow (AC)
(also known as Itta, Iduberga)

Fiest day: May 8

Died 652. After the death of Blessed Pepin of Landen, his wife Ida built a double monastery at Nivelles. She and her younger daughter, Saint Gertrude entered the monastery, which was placed under the Benedictine Rule and governed by Gertrude (Benedictines). Several art historians give a stag with flaming horns as the emblem of Saint Ida of Nivelles, but it seems likely that this is a confusion with Ida of Toggenburg, whose proper attribute it is (Roeder). She is invoked against toothache and erysipelas (Roeder).

DE NIVELLES (Itta) (Ituberge)
Title: Abbess of Nivelles (592-652)
Father: D"AQUITAINE Grimaud
Mother: ITTE (Sainte)
Birth: c. 592
Death: 08/05/0652 Abb. Nivelles
Family 1:
PEPIN (De Landen)
Marriage: in 614
1. BEGGULE (Ste Begga)


Born about 592.
Died on May 8, 652.


Grimoald D"AQUITAINE ca 555-599
Itta DE GASCOGNE ca 560-ca 612

Marriages and children

Allied in 614 to Pepin Ier le Vieux DE LANDEN ca 580-639, with
Begga ca 615-ca 692


Abbesse de Nivelles dans le Brabant Belge

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