Ida the Saint

Ida the Saint

Ida die Heilige
- um 814

Eventuell Tochter des Frankenkonigs Karlmann

786 oo Ekbert Dux der Sachsen um 756- nach 811


Warin Abt von Corvey (826-856) um 800-20.9.856

Ida die Jungere
oo 2. Asig I.

Addila - vor 858
oo Bunicho

Cobbo der Altere um 790- vor 13.6.858

Ida of Herzfeld, Widow (AC)

Died c. 813. As the great-granddaughter of Charles Martel, Saint Ida was reared in the Merovingian court. Her marriage to Lord Egbert was arranged by Blessed Charlemagne. She was still very young when she was widowed. This state gave her the freedom to increase her devotions to God, engage in austerities, and direct most of the revenues of her estate to the poor. She built a small chapel for herself within a church that she had founded near her house at Hofstadt in Westphalia. When her son, Warin, became a monk at Corvey, Ida moved to Herzfeld (Westphalia), where she established a convent. It is said that she had a stone coffin made for herself and had it filled daily with food for the poor in order to remind herself of her duty to her neighbor and her own mortality. She suffered a painful illness the last years of her life but endured it with patience. She was buried in the cemetery of the Herzfeld convent. In art, she is shown filling a tomb with food for the poor; or with a dove over her head; or carrying a church (Benedictines, White).

Fiest day: September 4

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