Saint Siacre eveque de Nice. mort en 797

Siagre, enferme sur ordre de Charlemagne

Syagrius (Siacre) of Nice, OSB B (AC)

Died c. 787. Saint Syagrius, kinsman of Blessed Charlemagne, was a monk of LĀrins. Later he founded and became the abbot of Saint Pons at Cimiez in Provence, from where he was consecrated at bishop of Nice in 777 (Benedictines).

Fiest day: May 23

? Carolingien
Carloman Carolingien, roi des Francs ca 751-771
Gerberge de Lombardie +773

St. Siagre Prince Of Austrasia
Born in 785, Nice, Provence, France
Died on June 1, 797
Carloman King Of Burgundy 751-771
Gerberge Of The Lombards 760

Siagre x
Born about 770
Carloman King Of France +
Gerberga x


In the Lower Empire and thereafter, in the High Middle Ages, down to the tenth or eleventh century, it is well established that a name is conclusive evidence of descent from a certain family in either the male or female line, a face upon which all the erudites are agreed. The name Siagree or Syagria is derived from the powerful family of Gallo-Roman Senators, the Syagrii, which flourished in the fifth century in South Eastern Gaul at Lyons, and which
continued as an important house far down into the days of the barbarian kings, being found as late as the close of the eighth century.

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