Carloman - King of Franks(751-771)

Carloman - King of Franks(751-771)

Carloman roi de Bourgogne et roi de Provence et roi de Septimanie et roi d"Aquitaine Orientale et roi de Thuringe et roi de Hesse 768-771
epouse: Gerberge fille de Didier roi des Lombards. cf: Dynasties des Lombards
2 enfants:
- Pepin moine
- Saint Siacre eveque de Nice. mort en 797


(b. 751--d. Dec. 4, 771, Samoussy, Fr.), the younger brother of Charlemagne, with whom, at the instance of their father, Pepin III the Short, he was anointed king of the Franks in 754 by Pope Stephen II (III) in the abbey of Saint-Denis. Carloman inherited the eastern part of Pepin"s lands (768). He favoured alliance with the Lombards and married Gerberga, a daughter of their king, Desiderius. When Carloman died, Charlemagne annexed his territory and became sole ruler of the Frankish empire.

Carloman ( 751-Samoussy, 4.12.771), roi de Bourgogne, de Provence, de Septimanie et d"Aquitaine orientale (768-771), roi des Francs ep. Gerberge, fille de Didier, roi des Lombards. Dont :
A. Pepin ( 770), enferme sur ordre de Charlemagne.
B. Siagre, enferme sur ordre de Charlemagne.

Carloman Carolingien
Roi des Francs (768).

Born about 751.
Died on 4th of December 771.
Pepin le Bref Carolingien, roi des Francs ca 715-768
Berthe au grand pied de Laon +783
Marriages and children
Allied about 769 to Gerberge de Lombardie +773, with

<I012460> Carloman, King of SOISSONS
<I001437> Father: Pippin III ("The Short"), King of FRANKS
<I001438> Mother: Bertha of LAON
BIRTH: 751?
DEATH: DEC 4 771


Carloman m. Giberga and had Pippin and Siagrus; their mother fled with them at his untimely death, seeking refuge at the Court of the King of the Lombards. Whereupon brother Charles took control of the entire French kingdom.

<B002021> Carloman CAROLING (King of Franks)
<B013218> Father: Pepin (The_Short) III CAROLING (King)
<B013219> Mother: Bertha Bertrada de_Laon MEROVING (II)
OCCUPATION: King of Franks
BIRTH: 751, ,,France
DEATH: 4 DEC 771, ,,France
Family 1:
<B024837> Gerbergia CAROLING?


Crowned 9 Oct 768. Ruled as King of France with his brother, Charlemagne from 751-771. Rex Francorum, King of France (768)
Source: Genealogy of the Kings of France; (Compuserve);
TITL King of the Franks

<B024837> Gerbergia CAROLING?
BIRTH: ABT 743, ,Lombardy,Italy
Family 1:
<B002021> Carloman CAROLING (King of Franks)

She had two children with Carloman; names unknown.
Source: The Lives of the Kings and Queens of France, p 39

Carloman Burgundy

King .

Born about 751 - of Aachen,,Rhineland,Prussia.
Died on December 4, 771 - Samoucy,Aisne,,France.
Buried - St Remy Abbey,Reims,Marne,France.


Pepin III "the_Short" Franks, King 714-768
Bertrada "the_younger" "au_Grand_Pied" Laon, Countess ca 720-783

Marriages and children

Allied in 768 - of Austrasia,France, to Gerberge Burgundy, Queen


Morby p. 77: King of the Franks 768-771

<Y003863> CARLOMAN
<Y003862> Father: PEPIN III THE SHORT
<Y003871> Mother: BERTRADA OF LAON
DEATH: Unknown


(Carloman D"AUSTRASIE)
Born about 751.
Died in 771.


Pepin III le Bref DE FRANCIE ca 715-768
Bertrade DE LAON ca 720-783

Marriages and children

Allied to ? ?, with
Cunegonde ca 770-835


Profession : Roi d"Austrasie de 768 771.

Carloman of the (King of the Franks)

BIRTH: ABT 740, of,Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia
DEATH: 4 DEC 771, Samoucy
BURIAL: St Remy Abbey,Reims,Marne,France

Carloman King Of Burgundy

Born in 751, of Aachen
Died on December 4, 771, Samoucy, Aisne, France
Pepin III the Short King Of Franks 714-768
Bertrada "Broadfoot" de Laon 720-783
Marriages and children
Married in 768 to Gerberge Of The Lombards 760, with
St. Siagre Prince Of Austrasia 785-797
Pepin Prince Of Austrasia 790

Carloman, King Of Burgundy

Born about 751, Of Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia
Died on December 4, 771, Samoucy,Aisne,France
Buried - St Remy Abbey,Reims,Marne,France


Pepin "the Short", Franks 714-768
Bertrada, Countess Of Laon, [QUEEN OF THE FR ca 720-783

Marriages and children

Married in 768, Of Austrasia,France, to Gerberge, Queen Of Burgundy

Neustrien, Karlmann II von Koenig
Birth : 751
Death : 4 DEC 771
Father: France, Pepin III le_Bref Roi
Mother: Laon, Bertrada de Broadfoot

de_la_Lombard, Gerberge
Birth : AFT 755

d.4.12.771, Chaumouzy

m.770 Gerberge, dau.of Didier, King of Lombards

Carloman Carolingians
King Of Burgundy
(Carloman Carolingians)
Born about 751, Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia
Died on 4 December 771, Samoucy,Aisne,France

Pepin III "The Short" Carolingians, King Of Franks 714-768
Bertha II "Broadfoot" de Laon, Countess Of Laon ca 720-783

Marriages and children

Married in 768, Austrasia,France, to Gerberge Carolingians ca 751


REIGNED: King of Burgundy
Joint King of Franks 768-771
FILE: Colombia Encyclopedia (c) 1944
DEATH: Killed in 771

Carloman King Of France
Died (Dec 4 771)
Pepin The Short King Of The Franks 714-
Bertha Of Laon, Countess Of Laon +
Marriages and children
Married to Gerberga x, with
Pepin x 770-ca 770
Siagre x ca 770

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