Adelard abbe de Saint-Pierre de Corbie. mort en 826

Adalhard ?
Father: Bernhard ?
Mother: Gundelindis ?

Adalhard, OSB, Abbot (AC)
(also known as Adalard, Adelard, Alard)
Born 753; died at Corbie Monastery, Picardy, France, in 827. There are many other variation of his name.
Grandson of Charles Martel and son of Bernard, King Pipin"s brother, he probably studied under Blessed Alcuin. He became a monk at Corbie, Picardy, France, in 773, and later moved to Monte Cassino in the hopes of greater retirement. Though he preferred the life of the monastery, he was brought to court by his cousin Charlemagne, and became one of his advisers. He was chief minister to Charlemagne"s oldest son, Pepin, and when Pepin died in 810 was named tutor of Pepin"s son Benard.

Adalhard was exiled to an island off the coast of Aquitaine when accused of supporting a revolt against Emperor Louis the Debonair. After five years Louis decided he was innocent and recalled him to the court in 821, but he was soon after again banished, this time to Corbie, where his reputation for holiness, austerity, and concern for the poor and the sick soon spread.

He established another monastery, New Corbie (Corway or Corvey) in Paderborn (Saxony?), and made both monasteries centers of learning and teaching, not only in Latin, but also in the vernacular of German and French (Benedictines, Delaney, Encyclopedia).

In art, Saint Adalhard is depicted as an abbot digging a garden with his crown lying nearby. He may also be shown (1) as an angel crowns him with thorns, (2) overcoming a dragon with IHS, or (3) giving alms (Roeder).

St. Adalard

c. 751-827
Feastday: January 2

Patron of French churches and towns. A nephew of Charles Martel, he was raised as a nobleman at the court of his cousin Charlemagne. At age twenty Adalard entered the monastery of Cordie in Picardy, but then went to Monte Cassino, staying there in seclusion until Charlemagne insisted he return to court. At Corbie, Adalard was elected abbot and then named Prime Minister to Pepin, Charlemagne"s son, the King of Italy. He became involved in the political struggles of the royal family and in 814 he was banished to Hermoutier. After seven years of exile, Adalard was cleared of all charges and returned to the court of Louis the Pious. Adelard died on January 2, 827

St. Adelard
Feastday: January 2

Adelard was the grandson of Charles Martel, nephew of King Pepin and first cousin to Charlemagne. He became a monk at Corbie in Picardy in 773. Eventually he was chosen abbot, and became Charlemagne"s counselor. He was forced by the king to quit the monastery and work for him as chief minister for his son Pepin. He was accused of supporting a rival power (Bernard) against Emperor Louis the Debonair; banished to a monastery on the island of Heri; five years later recalled to the king"s court(821). He later retired to the Abbey at Corbie and died January 2 after an illness. Miracles were reported after his death. When Adelard first became monk at Corby in Picardy (773), his first assignment was gardener of the monastery. He did his job humbly and piously, praying throughout the day. His great virtues eventually helped him become Abbot. His feast day is January 2.

St. Adalard

Born c. 751; d. 2 January, 827. Bernard, son of Charles Martel and half-brother of Pepin, was his father, and Charlemagne his cousin-german. He received a good education in the Palatine School at the Court of Charlemagne, and while still very young was made Count of the Palace. At the age of twenty he entered the monastery at Corbie in Picardy. In order to be more secluded, he went to Monte Cassino, but was ordered by Charlemagne to return to Corbie, where he was elected abbot. At the same time Charlemagne made him prime minister to his son Pepin, King of Italy. When, in 814, Bernard, son of Pepin, aspired after the imperial crown, Louis le Debonnaire suspected Adalard of being in sympathy with Bernard and banished him to Hermoutier, the modern Noirmoutier, on the island of the same name. After seven years Louis le Debonnaire saw his mistake and made Adalard one of his chief advisers. In 822 Adalard and his brother Wala founded the monastery of (New) Corvey in Westphalia. Adalard is honoured as patron of many churches and towns in France and along the lower Rhine

Alard Abbot Of Corbia
Died in 826
Bernard Duke, Abbot Of Saint Quentin +ca 784
(Unk Dau) Of Laon


Abbot of Corbia; went to Italy with Pepin, King of Italy as guardian and regent

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