Gordrada (Gondres,Therese)

Gordrada (Gondres,Therese)

Gondrade religieuse

<B028294> Gordrada de St_Quentin MEROVING
<B028295> Father: Bernard St_Quentin MEROVING (Duke)
<B028296> Mother: Daughter_#2 MEROVING
BIRTH: ABT 760, Picardie,,France
Family 1:
<B013215> Pepin (Carloman) Le_Bossu CAROLING (King of Italy)
<B013213> 1. Bernard CAROLING (King of Italy)


This wife may have been Bertha of Toulouse, d/o Guillaume Courtney aka Isaac [DAVID], Count of Toulouse
Source: Ahnentafel for Edward III of England

Therese x

(Therese (Gondres) x)


Bernard x, Duke +ca 784
N x

Marriages and children

Allied to Lambert Nantes, Comte +836, with
Guido Spolete +ca 858
Allied to Pippin Italy, King 773-810


Stuart p. 168

Daughter Of The Franks

Bernard Duke Of Franks
? ?
Marriages and children
Married about 797 to Pepin I de Lombardy King Of Italy 773-810, with
Bernhard 797-818

Gondris x
Bernard Duke, Abbot Of Saint Quentin +ca 784
(Unk Dau) Of Laon

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