Landrade (Landree)

Landrade (Landree)

<I004327> Landrade
<I001439> Father: Charles Martel, King of FRANKS
<I004329> Mother: Suanhilde of BAVARIA
Family 1:
<I004328> Sigramine, Count of HASBANIA
<I004326> 1. Gunderland, Count of HASBAYE


{This connection is from Carr P. Collins, Jr., "Royal Ancestors...," p.136. Another sources gives Landrade as son of Charles Martel and Sigramme as Countess of Hasbania.}

<B028332> Landrade MEROVING
<B013221> Father: Charles Martel (The_Hammer) CAROLING (King)
<B022266> Mother: Sunnichild Swanchilda AGILOLFINGES ({Concubine})
BIRTH: ABT 705, ,,France
Family 1:
<B028331> Sigramine Sigrimaine HASBAIGNE (Count)
<B028330> 1. Gunderland HASBAIGNE (Count)


Source: Ahnentafel of Edward III, King of England

Landree Hesbaye

(Landree of Hesbaye)


Charles Martel, Mayor/Palace 689-741
Rotrude Austrasia, Duchess ca 690-ca 724

Marriages and children

Allied to Sigrand Hesbaye, Count , with
Gunderland x


Stuart p. 246

Landree of HESBAYE (m. Sigrand (Sigramus) of HESBAYE)

Landree Martel
(Landree Martel)
Born about 687
Charles "The Hammer" Martel, "Duke Of All Franks" ca 675-741
Rotrude (Chrotude) Treves, Duchess Of A Rotrude ca 690-ca 724
Marriages and children
Married to Sigrand (Sigramus) ? ca 687

Landrade x
Charles Martel, The Hammer, Mayor Of The Palace, King Of France 689-
? ?
Marriages and children
Married to Sigramine Count Of Hasbania, with
Gunderland +778
Chrodegarig Bishop Of Metz +766

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