Carloman - Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, Alemannia and Thuringia, ruler of Bavaria

Carloman - Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, Alemannia and Thuringia, ruler of Bavaria

Carloman maire du Palais d"Austrasie, puis devient moine. mort en 754
1 enfant:
- Drogon. mort en 747

Karlmann I. v.Austrien
+ 17 AUG 755 Montecassino
Father: Karl Martell
Mother: Rotrud ?


(b. c. 715--d. Aug. 17, 754), Frankish prince, son of Charles Martel and brother of Pepin III the Short.

After inheriting Austrasia, Alemannia, Thuringia, and the suzerainty of Bavaria from his father, Carloman fought alone and with his brother to suppress external enemies and rebellious subjects. Concerned with reform of the church, he called on St. Boniface for help and in 742 summoned the first Frankish council in nearly 50 years; in 743 the Synod of Estinnes regulated the problem of church lands seized by Charles Martel and granted out to his vassals.

Carloman abandoned the secular life, becoming a monk first at Monte Soratte, later at Monte Cassino, in Italy.

<I001440> Carloman
<I001439> Father: Charles Martel, King of FRANKS
<I000594> Mother: Rotrou of TREVES
OCCUPATION: Mayor of the Palace
BIRTH: 715
DEATH: 17 AUG 754, Vienne
Family 1:
<I002463> 1. Rotrude


Mayor of the Palace under Merovingian kings following his father"s death; administered the eastern part of the Frankish kingdom, and retired to a monastery he founded on Monte Soracte, but then moved to a monastery on Monte Casino. He probably m. a dau. of Alard, brother of Garnier, ancestor of the Margraves of Spoleto.

<B024815> Carloman CAROLING (King)
<B013221> Father: Charles Martel (The_Hammer) CAROLING (King)
<B013222> Mother: Rotrou (Rotrude) Chotrud BOURGOGNE
BIRTH: ABT 715, ,,France
DEATH: 754


Received Kingdoms of Austrasia, Alemannia and Thuringia from his father.
Source: The Lives of the Kings and Queens of France, p 33;

Carloman Carolingien
Maire du Palais d"Austrasie (741-747), moine .
Born about 715.
Died about 755.
Charles Martel Carolingien, duc des Austrasiens ca 688-741
Rotrude ? +724
Marriages and children
Allied to ? ?, with

Carloman Franks

Mayor of Palace .

Born about 713 - ,,Austrasia,France.
Died on December 4, 755 - Cassini Monaster.


Charles Martel, Mayor/Palace 689-741
Rotrude Austrasia, Duchess ca 690-ca 724

Marriages and children

Allied about 735 to Chrotrude x, with
Rotrude x


Ancestral Roots p. 164
Stuart p. 196>A Monk, at Montecassino

Chrotrude x
(Chrotrude (Rotrude) x)
Ancestral Roots p. 164:poss. daughter of Alard
Stuart p. 196 NAME Chrotrude (Rotrude)

<Y003870> CARLOMAN
<Y003864> Father: Charles MARTEL
<Y002924> Mother: ROTRUDE
DEATH: Unknown

AUSTRASIA, Carloman of (Mayor of the Palace). 754
son of Charles "The Hammer" of Franks Martel (King of the Franks) and Rotrud (Chrotrude) of Alemania (Duchess of Austrasia), dau.of Lievin (Liutwin Leutwinus) of TREVES (Saint, Bishop of Treves)
1.Rotrou (m. Girard of PARIS)

Carloman, yielding to the inclination he had always felt for the religious life, relinquished all his states in favour of Pepin and retired to a cloister on Mt. Soracte near Rome (747).

Carloman Prince Of Franks

Born in 713, Austrasia, France
Died on December 4, 755, Cassini Monastery
Charles Martel 676-741
Chrotrud Of Allemania Dss Of Austrasia 690-724

Carloman, Prince Of Franks

Born about 713, ,Austrasia,France
Died on December 4, 755, Cassini Monaster


Charles "Martel", Mayor Austrasia 676-741
Rotrude (Chrotude), Duchess_Of Austrasia ca 690-ca 724

Marriages and children

Married about 735 to Mrs-Carloman, Princess Of Franks

Austrien, Karlmann I von Major Domus
Birth : BEF 696
Death : 7 AUG 754 Vienne
Father: Francs, Charles Martel de_la Major Domus
Mother: , Chrotrud Rotrou

1.Drogo Major Domus
Death : 748
2.Austrien, Rotrud von

Carolman Carolingians
(Carolman Carolingians)
Born about 698, Austrasia,Austrasia
Died in 754
Charles "The Hammer" Martel, "Duke Of All Franks" ca 675-741
Rotrude (Chrotude) Treves, Duchess Of A Rotrude ca 690-ca 724
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
X Rotrou\Rotrude ca 718

Carloman Mayor Of The Palace
Died (Aug 17 755)
Charles Martel, The Hammer, Mayor Of The Palace, King Of France 689-
Rotrou x +724
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
Rotrude x
Abard Count Of The March Of Chalons +
Carolman x


741-747: Mayor of the Palace
died as a monk at Montecarsins

Carloman ( v. 715-755), gouverneur de l"Autrasie, de la Souabe et de Thuringe (741), abdique en 747

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