Irmina the Saint

Irmina the Saint

St. Irmina

Feastday: December 24

According to legend, she was the daughter of St. Dagobert II of the Franks and was betrothed to Count Herman. When a jealous suitor lured Herman to his death over a cliff outside Treves, Irmina became a nun at a monastery near Treves, which her father had either founded or restored. She aided St. Willibrord in his missionary work and in 698, gave him the building and ground on which he founded the famous Echternach monastery. She died in Alsace at Weissenburg monastery, which her father had founded. Her feast day is December 24th.

See her alternative ancestry -- Carolings (female lines)/Ancestry of Irmina Von OEREN -- as dau.of Theodard, Bp of Liege

Irmina of Oehren, OSB, Abbess V (RM)

Died at Weissenburg Abbey in 708. Perhaps Irmina was another daughter of Saint Dagobert. At the age of 15 she was married to Count Herman, who died on their wedding day. Grief-stricken, she persuaded her father to build the Benedictine convent of Oehren (Horreum) for her near Tr ves (Trier, Germany). Irmina, a generous benefactor of both Celtic and Saxon missionary monks, signed five charters while she was abbess of Oehren, including the monastery at Echternach for Saint Willibrord. These charters were found in the archives at Echternach (Benedictines, Encyclopedia). In art St. Irmina is a crowned abbess giving alms with the Christ Child above her. She is venerated in Trier (Roeder).


Sainte Irmine (+ v. 726), fondatrice et premiere abbesse d"aren

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