Adela (Ada) the Saint

Adela (Ada) the Saint

Adela of AUSTRASIA (Princess of Austrasia)
Title: Princess of Austrasia
Father: Dagobert II of AUSTRASIA (King of Austrasia) [b. ABT. 652; d. ABT. 678]
Mother: Mechtilde
Family 1
Child 1: +Aubri I of BLOIS (Count of Blois) [b. ?; d. ABT. 700]

ADELA, said (by Chaume) to be a daughter of Dagobert II.


St. Adela
d.c. 734
Feastday: December 24

Abbess and foundress, a disciple of St. Boniface. Adela was a Frankish princess, the daughter of King Dagobert II (r. 656-705) and sister of St Irmina, Married to a nobleman, Alberie, she became the foundress of a monastery at Pfazel, near Treves, France, when her husband died.

Adela of Pfalzel, OSB Abbess, Widow (PC)

Born c. 710; died c. 730. Abbess Adela, founder of Pfalzel (Palatiolum) Convent near Treves (Trier, Germany), was a daughter of Saint Dagobert II, king of the Franks, and a sister of Saint Irmina. She became a nun after the death of her husband. She may be the widow "Adula," who is said to have been living at Nivelles with her young son--the future father of Saint Gregory of Utrecht. Adela was also a disciple of Saint Boniface (Benedictines, Encyclopedia).

St. Adele, Widow (Feast day - December 24)

A daughter of King Dagobert II of Germany, St. Adele became a nun upon the death of her husband, making provisions for her son, the future father of St. Gregory of Utrecht. She founded a convent at Palatiolum near Trier and became its first Abbess, ruling with holiness, prudence, and compassion.

St. Adele seems to have been among the disciples of St. Boniface, the Apostle of Germany, and a letter in his correspondence is addressed to her. After a devout life filled with good works and communion with God, she passed on to her heavenly reward in 730.

Adela Of Austrasia
Dagobert II of Austrasia 652-679
? ?
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
Aubrey I of Blois

Adela de Austrasia
Dagobert II King Of Austrasia +679
? ?
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
Aubri I Ct de Blois +ca 700



Ade ou Adel (+ 734), religieuse, fondatrice du monastere de Palz

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