Sigebert III - Cte de Razes

Sigebert III - Cte de Razes

RAZES, Sigebert III of (Comte de Razes)
He was born about 676 in probably France and died about 758; son of Dagobert II of Austrasia (King of Austrasia) and Giselle of Razes, the daughter of Bera II of RAZES
(Count of Razes);
married Magdala .
Child: i. Sigebert IV of (Comte de Razes)

Sigisbert IV
Count of Rhedae. From him exists the new lineage
called " Plant-Ard". m. Magdala, Heiress of Narbonne and Carcassone.

House of Rasez-Joinville

Lineage of Counts of Rhedae (Rennes-Le-Chateau).

PLANTARD family - direct line with the Merovingian (???).

Source: " The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln.

Sigebert IV,Count of Razes(676-758)


*!Holy Blood* for everyone shown on this page.This is a very dubious source!

Sigisbert IV Ct de Razs
(Sigisbert Ct de Razs)
Born in 676
Died in 758
St. Dagobert II King Of Austrasia 651-679
Giselle de Razs 653-676
Marriages and children
Married to Magdala (de Razs), with
Sigisbert V 695-768


Siegbert Iii Dagobertson Comte De Rabez
died 756

Razes, Sigisbert IV de Comte
Father: Austrasie, Dagobert II d" Roi
Mother: Razes, Giselle de

m.BEF 695

b.BEF 680


Razes, Sigisbert V de Comte

Sigebert (+ 678)

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