Baldricus Teutonicus - sn de Bacqueville-en-Caux

Baldricus Teutonicus - sn de Bacqueville-en-Caux

Balderick Teutonicus
b. 977, Germany
married: 998 Normandy, France
Miss Clare Giffard
b. 981, Normandy, France
1.Nicholas Bacqueville
2.Fulke d"Alnou
3.Robert de Courcie
4.Richard Neville de Novavilla
5.Balderick de Beaugency
6.Wigerius (Wigman) de Apulia
7.Havisia Fitzbalderic
8.Daughter Fitzbalderic
9.Daughter Fitzbalderic
10.Daughter Fitzbalderic
11.Daughter Fitzbalderic
12.Daughter Fitzbalderic

<I002157> Baldricus TEUTONICUS
<I006838> Father: Wigelius DE COURCIE
OCCUPATION: Lord of Bacqueville
Family 1:
<I002158> (niece of Count GISLEBERT)
<I002156> 1. Gilbert _____
<I006841> 2. Robert DE COURCY


Baldricus Teutonicus was in the service of Duke William of Normandy, was Lord of Bacqueville-en-Caux, and apparently he or his son became responsible for the Norman front line in the Durham area of northern England, holding off the Scottish tribes. {See reference under Comments for his wife.} The ancestry given for him here is from Carr P. Collins, Jr., "Royal Ancestors of Magna Charta Barons" (Dallas, 1959), p. 72.

<I004200> Baldric the GERMAN
Family 1:
<I004199> 1. Fulk D"AUNOU

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