Charles I - Duke of Lower Lorraine(977-991)

Charles I - Duke of Lower Lorraine(976/8-2.4.991 (994))

Charles duc de de Basse-Lorraine 977-991
epouse: Bonne fille de Godefroi Le Vieux comte de Hainaut. cf: Dynastie des Wigerides
epouse: Agnes ou Adelaide fille d"Herbert III comte de Troyes. cf: Premiere dynastie de Vermandois
7 enfants:
- Otton ou Othon duc de Basse-Lorraine 991-1012
- Ermengarde
- Gerberge
- Louis
- Charles
- Louis

Charles I

(b. 953--d. May 21, 992?, Orléans, Fr.), duke of Lower Lorraine, head of the only surviving legitimate line of the Carolingian dynasty by 987, and an unsuccessful claimant for the French throne.

Son of Louis IV of France, Charles was banished by his brother, King Lothair, in 977. Receiving the duchy of Lower Lorraine from Otto II of Germany in the same year, he conspired unsuccessfully with Otto to dethrone Lothair but then reversed his policy, made peace with Lothair, and plotted against the new German king, Otto III. After the deaths of Lothair (986) and Lothair"s son and successor Louis V (987), Charles asserted his claim to the French throne. But Adalbero, archbishop of Reims, convinced the assembly of Frankish nobles that the Frankish crown was elective rather than hereditary and that Charles was unworthy of the kingship. The assembly then proclaimed Hugh Capet king of France.

Charles did not abandon his claim but, in 991, was seized and handed over to Hugh, who kept him in prison until his death. One son, Otto, succeeded him as duke of Lower Lorraine, dying about 1012; two other sons died obscurely. With them the legitimate male line of the Carolingians came to an end.

<B026353> Charles de Lorraine CAROLING (Duke)
<B013711> Father: Louis IV (d"Outre_Mer) CAROLING (King of Franks)
<B013205> Mother: Gerberga LIUDOLFING (Queen of Franks)
BIRTH: 953, ,Lorraine,France
DEATH: 991/992, ,Lorraine,France
Family 1:
<B028102> Bonne d" ARDENNES
<B027550> 1. Ermengarde de Lorraine CAROLING
<B026328> 2. Gerberge de Lorraine CAROLING


Duke of Lower Lorraine. Contested Hugh Capet"s designation as King of Franks
Source: The Lives of the Kings and Queens of France, p 38; Ahnentafel for
Edward III of England;; O"shea/Charlemagne qvc

<I001831> Charles of LORRAINE
<I001834> Father: Louis IV "D"Outre-Mere", King of FRANCE
<I001729> Mother: Gerberga of SAXONY
OCCUPATION: Duke of Lower Lorraine
BIRTH: 953, Laon, France
DEATH: 994, Orleans, France
BURIAL: St. Servatius, Maastricht
Family 1:
<I002553> Bonne D"ARDENNES
<I006839> 1. Charles, Lord COURCI
Family 2:
<I006840> Adelaide of VERMANDOIS
<I001829> 1. Gerberga of LORRAINE
<I002545> 2. Ermengarde of LORRAINE


Charles was unsuccessful in his war to sieze the Frankish crown, and was
imprisoned with his wife and younger children at Orleans, dying soon
thereafter. {Encycl. Brit., 1956, 5:289} Charles was granted Lower Lorraine
and Brabant by Emperor Otto I in 963 {per Carr P. Collins, "Royal Ancestors
of Magna Carta Barons" (Dallas, 1959), p. 171}.

Charles of Lower Lorraine, who was born in 953. Having been excluded from the throne of France, he became Duke of Lower Lorraine (954-986) and, while waging war for the French throne, with his cousin, Hugh Capet, was taken prisoner and confined until his death in 993. He married (2) Agnes, daughter of Henry, Count of Vermandois and Troyes, and his wife, Princess Edgina, granddaughter of King Alfred the Great. They had a daughter, Gerberga of Brabant, and a son, Otto, Duke of Lower Lotharinga (Lorraine), who died in 1012.

Prince Of The Franks Charles
Born: BEF. 953 in Of, Laon, Aisne, France
Died: 21 May 992 in Kerker, Orleans, France
Father: Louis IV , King Of France, b. 10 Sep 921 in Of, Laon, Aisne, France
Mother: Gerberge , Princess Of The Germans, b. 913-914 in Nordhausen, Saxony, Prussia
Family 1 Agnes de Vermandois, b. ABT. 1065 in Of, Valois, Bretagne, France
Family 2 Bonne Adelaide Duchess Of Lorraine, b. ABT. 953 in , Ardenne, France
Married: ABT. 972
Marriage Ending Status: Divorce
1.Othon Duke Of Lower Lorraine, b. ABT. 973 in Of, Lower, Lorraine, France 2.Princess Of France Ermengarde, b. ABT. 975 in Of, Lower, Lorraine, France 3.Eudes Duke Of Lower Lorraine, b. ABT. 979 in Of, Lower, Lorraine, France 4.Gerberge de Lorraine, b. ABT. 977 in Of, Lower, Lorraine, France

Charles Ier le Gros
Duc de Basse-Lorraine (977-993).
(Charles de Basse-Lorraine)
Born in 953.
Died about 993.
Louis IV d"Outremer Carolingien, roi de France ca 921-954
Gerberge de Saxe ca 914-984

Allied to Bonne d"Ardennes, with
Gerberge ca 975-1014/

Allied about 979 to Agnes de Meaux, with
Otton ca 985-ca 1012
Louis */989
Charles ca 989-ca 1012


Bonne d"Ardennes
Godefroi le Vieux d"Ardennes
Mathilde de Saxe +1008

Charles Ier le Gros
Duc de Basse-Lorraine (977-993).
(Charles de Basse-Lorraine)
Born in 953.
Died about 993.
Louis IV d"Outremer Carolingien, roi de France ca 921-954
Gerberge de Saxe ca 914-984
Marriages and children
Allied to Bonne, comtesse d"Ardennes ca 958-/979, with
Gerberge ca 975-1014/
Allied about 979 to Agnes de Meaux, with
Otton ca 985-ca 1012
Louis */989
Charles ca 989-ca 1012


See Descendants of Charles de Basse-Lorraine (Caroling).

Charles Franks

Prince .
(Charles (of_Laon) of Franks)

Born in 953 - of,Laon,Aisne,France.
Died on May 21, 992 - Kerker,,Orleans,France.
Buried - St. Servatius,Maastricht,Limburg,Netherlands.


Louis IV "Transmarinus" France, King 921-954
Gerberge Saxony, Princess ca 913-984

Marriages and children

Allied before 979 to Bonne Lorraine, Duchess *ca 953, with
Othon Lorraine ca 970-ca 1004
Ermengarde Lorraine ca 972-1012
Gerberge Lower_Lorraine ca 975-ca 1015
Eudes Lower_Lorraine ca 985-1012
Charles Lower_Lorraine *1012
Allied to Agnes Lorraine, Duchess ca 969-991/, with
Louis Lorraine ca 991-1055
Charles Lower_Lorraine ca 991-1009/


Duke of Lorraine, Duke of Lower Lotharingia < the Carolingians, table 2
Percy pedigree: second son, duke of Nether Louvain, succeeded as Count of
Brabant in 987
Stuart p. 88: NAME Charles of Laon, Aisne, France; Duke of Lower Lorraine,
Prince of France;set aside for the French throne by Hugh Capet. BD, DD

Bonne Lorraine
Duchess .
(Bonne Adelaide Lorraine)
Born about 953 - ,,Ardenne,France.
Godfrey "the_Captive" in_the Bidgau, Count ca 930-ca 1005
Mathilde Sachsen ca 942-1008

Godfrey "the_Captive" in_the Bidgau
Count .
(Godfrey Bidgau)
Born maybe in 930.
Died about 1005.
Gothelon (Gozelin)_I d" Ardenne, Count ca 911-943
Uda Metz +963

Agnes Lorraine
Duchess .
(Agnes of Lorraine)
Born about 969 - of,,Vermandois,France.
Died after 991.
Herbert Vermandois
? ?


Born in 953.
Died about 991.


Louis IV d"Outremer DE FRANCE 921-954
Gerberge DE GERMANIE ca 914-984

Marriages and children

Allied to Bonne D"ARDENNES ca 958-/979, with
Ermengarde ca 975-1012/
Gerberge ca 977-1008
Allied about 979 to Agnès DE MEAUX *ca 940


Profession : Duc de Basse-Lorraine.

LAON, Charles of (Duke of Upper Lorraine). in probably Laon, Aisne, France
d.21 May 992
son of Louis IV "d"Outre-Mer" of France (King of France) and Gerberga of Saxony (Abbess of Notre Dame), dau.of Henry I "The Fowler" of GERMANY (Holy Roman Emperor)
m.Adelheid (Adelaide) DE ARDENNE (dau.of Godefroy de Ardenne (Count of Ardenne) and Mathilde of Saxony) before 979.
1.Ermentrude (Adelaide) of LORRAINE (m. Adalbert (Albert) I of NAMUR)
2.Gerberge of BRABANT (m. Lambert I "The Bearded" of BRABANT)

Karl, Herzog von Niederlothringen X

(Karl X)
(Karl, Herzog Von Niederlothringen...)

Born in 953
Died in 991, Oréans
Buried in 1001, St. Servatius in Maastricht


Ludwig IV. (d"Outremer) König der Westfranken X ca 920-954
Gerberga von Sachsen X ca 913-984

Marriages and children

Married about 975 to Adelheid (unbekannter Herkunft) ?, with
Adelheid (Irmgard ?) von Niederlothringen ca 972-1012/
Gerberga von Niederlothringen ca 975-ca 1008
Otto, Herzog von Lotharingen ? ca 975-1012
Ludwig von Niederlothringen ? /989-993/
Karl von Niederlothringen ? 989

Charles Duc de Lotharingia
Born in 953, of Laon, Aisne, France
Died on May 21, 992
Louis IV d"Outre-Mer King Of France 921-954
Gerberge Of Saxony Abbess Of Notre Dame -984
Marriages and children
Married before 970 to Bonne Adelaide de Ardenne 953, with
Othon Duc de Lower Lorraine 970-1004
Ermengard (Adelaide) de Lorraine 975-1012
Gerberge de Lorraine -1015
Eudes Duc de Lower Lorraine 985-1012
Married before 991 to Adelheid (Agnes) de Vermandois 969-991, with
Charles de Lorraine
Louis 991-1055


Bonne Adelaide de Ardenne
Born in 953, Ardenne, France
Godefroy Ct de Ardenne 927
Mathilde Of Saxony 929

Adelheid (Agnes) de Vermandois
Born in 969, of Vermandois, Normandy, France
Died in 991
Herbert the Younger Ct de Troyes 932-994
? ?

Charles Prince Of Franks
[Duke of Lorrain .

Born before 953, Of,Laon,Aisne,France
Died (21 MAY 992/994), ,Kerker,Orleans,France
Buried - St. Servatius,Maastricht


Louis IV, "Transmarinus" France 921-954
Gerberge, Queen Of France, [ABBESS OF NOTRE -984

Marriages and children

Married to Agnes De Vermandois
Married before 979 to Bonne Adelaide, Duchess_Of Lorraine ca 953, with
Othon Duke Of Lorraine ca 970-
Ermengarde (Adelaide), Princess France -1012
Gerberge De Lorraine ca 975-1015
Eudes Duke Of Lorraine ca 985-1012


Bonne Adelaide, Duchess_Of Lorraine
Born about 953, ,,Ardenne,France
Godefroy Count Of Ardenne ca 927
Mathilde Von Sachsen ca 929

Charles de Lorraine
d.21.5.992, Orleans

m.Adelaide d"Ardennes

Charles Carolingians
(Charles Carolingians)
Born before 953, Laon,Aisne,France
Died on 21 May 992, Kerker,Orleans,France
Louis IV "Transmarinus" Carolingians, Mer King of France\\ 901-954
Gerberga Wettin, Princess of Saxon ca 913-985

Charles (° 953-993/4), duc de Basse-Lorraine (978) ep. avt. 979, Adelaide. Dont :
A. Gerberge (° v. 975-ap. 1018) ep. v. 985, Lambert Ier (° 950-1015), comte de Louvain.
B. Eudes (° av. 985-1012), duc de Basse-Lorraine (991).
C. Louis (° av. 989-ap. 995).
D. Charles (° 989).
E. Adelaide (° v. 970/5-ap. 1012) ep. 990, Adalbert Ier (? 1011), comte de Namur.

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