Lothair - King of France(954-986)

Lothair - King of West Franks(954-986)

Lothaire IV co roi des Francs 952-954, puis devient roi des Francs 954-978, puis devient co roi des Francs 978-986
epouse: Emma ou Emine fille de Lothaire III roi d"Italie. morte en 988. cf: Dynastie Bosonide
2 enfants:
- Louis V Le Faineant roi des Francs
- Arnoul ou Eudes archeveque de Reims. mort en 1021


(b. 941--d. March 2, 986), Carolingian king of France from 954 to 986, the eldest son of Louis IV. He was elected king without opposition after his father"s death but was dominated first by Hugh the Great and then, from 956 to 965, by his uncle, Bruno, archbishop of Cologne, whose support was invaluable but who used his influence also in the interests of Otto I, his brother, the German king, and of Hugh Capet and the other sons of Hugh the Great, Bruno"s nephews.

After Bruno"s death, Lothair"s position deteriorated. Although his relations with Hugh Capet were generally good, he had only a tiny domain and was much distracted by feudal conflict. Also, a persistent desire to get Lorraine from the German allegiance brought disastrous consequences: his support of a revolt there (976) against Otto II impelled the latter to give the duchy of Lower Lorraine to Lothair"s refractory brother, Charles; Lothair"s plan to capture Otto"s family at Aachen (978) miscarried and provoked a retaliatory raid into France; and a third invasion of Lorraine (985) not only failed in its purpose but determined the powerful Archbishop Adalbero of Reims to support Hugh Capet against Lothair. Lothair was, however, preparing yet another expedition into Lorraine when he died, to be succeeded by his son, Louis V.

<B003243> Lothaire CAROLING (King of Franks)
<B013711> Father: Louis IV (d"Outre_Mer) CAROLING (King of Franks)
<B013205> Mother: Gerberga LIUDOLFING (Queen of Franks)
OCCUPATION: King of Franks
BIRTH: 939/941, ,,France
DEATH: 2 MAR 985/986, ,,France
Family 1:
<B016694> Emma L"Oiseleur LIUDOLFING
<B016332> 1. Louis V CAROLING (King of Franks)


<B027840> Lothaire II CAROLING (King of Italy)
OCCUPATION: King of Italy
BIRTH: ABT 930, ,,Italy
Family 1:
<B022865> Adelaide WELF (Queen)

This may be the same person as RN 3243.
Source: Ahnentafel for Edward III of England

King of Franks; reigned jointly with his father from 952 and alone from 954-986. Died from poison. His date of birth may have been 941. He may have married his mother-in-law. See Adelaide Welf [RN 22865]
Source: Haydn"s Book of Dignities, p 23; Genealogy of the Kings of France; Kings, Rulers and Statesmen, p 135; The Lives of the Kings and Queens of France, p 51; Buell001.zip; O"shea/Charlemagne qvc

Lothaire, King of FRANCE


Lothaire, King of France, 954-986. He was the father of Louis V., the Coward, King of France, 986-997; and Arnulf (Adalberon) (Illegitimate), Archbishop of Rheims, 988-991, 999-1021, died in 1021.

Lothaire Carolingien
Roi de France (954-986).
Born in 941.
Died in 986.
Louis IV d"Outremer Carolingien, roi de France ca 921-954
Gerberge de Saxe ca 914-984
Marriages and children
Allied in 966 to Emma d"Arles +988/, with
Louis V le Faineant ca 967-987
Allied to ? ?, with
Arnoul +1021


Emma d"Arles
Died after 988.
Lothaire II d"Arles, roi d"Italie +950
Adelaide de Bourgogne, regente de l"Empire ca 931-999

Lothaire IV of Franks

King .
(Lothaire Franks)

Born in 941 - Laon,,Aisne,France.
Died on March 2, 986 - Compiegne,,Oise,France.
Buried - St Remy Abbey,Reims,,France.


Louis IV "Transmarinus" France, King 921-954
Gerberge Saxony, Princess ca 913-984

Marriages and children

Allied about 966 to Emma Franks, Queen ca 942-ca 942, with
Louis V "the_Lazy" ca 959-987
Eudes France +ca 986
Othon France
Allied to x Franks, Concubine 1 *ca 947, with
Arnoul Reims ca 967-ca 1021
Allied - not married, to x Franks, Concubine 2 *ca 969, with
Richard France +991/


succeeded as Count of Brabant 954
Morby p. 77: King of France 954-986; of the Carolingian House

Emma Franks
Queen .
Born about 942 - of,,,France.
Died about 942 - ,,,France.
Lotharius II Italy, King ca 900-950
St Burgundy, Princess 932-1000

Lothaire Ier DE FRANCE

(Lothaire DE FRANCE)
Born about 941.
Died on March 2, 986.


Louis IV d"Outremer DE FRANCE 921-954
Gerberge DE GERMANIE ca 914-984

Marriages and children

Allied in 966 to Emma D"ITALIE ca 950-988/ (Mariage : avant le 28 Mars 966), with
Louis V le Faineant 967-987


Profession : Roi de France du 12 novembre 954 au 2 mars 986.

Lothair of (King of France)

Lothar, Koenig von Westfranken X

(Lothar X)
(Lothar, Koenig Von Westfranken...)

Born in 941
Died on March 2, 986, Laon


Ludwig IV. (d"Outremer) König der Westfranken X ca 920-954
Gerberga von Sachsen X ca 913-984

Marriages and children

Married to N.N. (Konkubine = Schwester eines Grafen Robert) ?, with
Arnulf von Westfranken (Erzbischof von Reims) ? /967-1021
Richard von Westfranken ? +991/
Married in 966 to Emma von Italien X ca 948-988/, with
Ludwig V. (Mitkoenig von Westfranken) Koenig von Aquitanien ca 966-987
Otto, Domherr in Reims ? +/986

Lothair King Of France

Born in 941, Laon, Aisne, France
Died (2 Mar 985/86), Compiegne or Laon, Oise, France
Louis IV d"Outre-Mer King Of France 921-954
Gerberge Of Saxony Abbess Of Notre Dame -984
Marriages and children
Married about 956 to ? ?, with
Richard de France 956-991
Married in 966 to Emma de Italia 942-988/, with
Eudes de France 966-986
Louis V the Coward 972-997
Married about 967 to ? ?, with
Adalberon (Arnoul) Archbishop Of Rheims 967-

Lothaire King Of Franks

Born in 941, ,Laon,Aisne,France
Died on March 2, 986, ,Compiegne,Oise,France
Buried - St Remy Abbey,Reims


Louis IV, "Transmarinus" France 921-954
Gerberge, Queen Of France, [ABBESS OF NOTRE -984

Marriages and children

Married, Not Married, to Mrs-Lothaire, concubine 2 Franks
Married about 966 to Emma Queen Of Franks
Married to Mrs-Lothaire, concubine 1 Franks
Married about 966, Not Married, to ? ?

b.941, Laon
d.2.3.986, COmpiegne

m.Dec 965 Emma(948-987, Dijon), dau.of Lothaire II, King of Italy
5.Louis V le Faineant

Lothaire Carolingians
(Lothaire Carolingians)
Born in 941, Laon,Aisne,France
Died ( 2 Mar 0985/0986), Compiegne,Oise,France
Louis IV "Transmarinus" Carolingians, Mer King of France\\ 901-954
Gerberga Wettin, Princess of Saxon ca 913-985

Lothaire (° Laon, 941-Compiegne, 2.03.986), roi de France (954-986) ep. 966, Emma (° v. 948/50-ap. 988), fille de Lothaire II, roi d"Italie et d"Adelaide de Bourgogne. Dont :
1. Louis V, roi de France, qui suit.
2. Eudes (? ap. 986), chanoine a Reims.

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