Hrotrud (Rotrud,Hruothraud)

Hrotrud (Rotrud,Hruothraud)

Rotrude. morte en 810
epouse: Rorico I comte du Maine. mort en 841. cf: Dynasties du Maine

<B013266> Hrotrud CAROLING
<B013216> Father: Charlemagne CAROLING (King of Franks)
<B013217> Mother: Hildegarde of Lizgau SCHWABIEN
BIRTH: 775, ,,France
DEATH: 6 JUN 810, ,,France
Family 1:
<B023664> Rorgo (Count of Maine)
<B023666> 1. Louis


Her first marriage was repudiated by her father, Charlemagne. Her first name is sometimes spelled "Rotrud"
Source: Pedigrees of ... Descendants of Charlemagne; (Compuserve)
SOUR O"shea/Charlemagne qvc;

<I002293> Princess ROTRUDE
<I000632> Father: Charles the Great, Emperor CHARLEMAGNE
<I000633> Mother: Hildegard of SWABIA
BIRTH: 733
DEATH: JUN 6 810
Family 1:
<I002292> Roricon I, Count of MONS
<I002291> 1. Richilde of MONS
<I012459> 2. Louis

Rotrude Carolingien
Born in 775.
Died in 810.
Charlemagne Carolingien, empereur d"Occident 747-814
Hildegarde de Vintschgau +783
Marriages and children
Allied about 800 to Roricon, comte du Maine, with
Roricon II


See House of Maine.

Rotrude Holy_Roman_Empir

Princess .
(Rotrude of Holy_Roman_Empir)

Born in August 774 - of Aachen,,Rhineland,Prussia.
Died on June 6, 810.


Charlemagne Holy_Roman_Empir, Emperor 742-814
Hildegard Holy_Roman_Empir, Empress 758-783

Marriages and children

Allied - not married, to Roricon I of Maine, Count
Allied to Ranulph I Poitiers, Count 820-866


Roricon I of Maine
Count .
(Roricon Maine)
name also listed as Rorgo I, Count of Maine. The Carolingeans table 2


Born about 775.
Died on June 6, 810.


Charlemagne DE FRANCIE 747-814
Hildegarde DE VINTZAU ca 757-783

Marriages and children

Allied about 800 to Roricon Ier DU MAINE ca 770-839, with
Roricon II ca 808-858

Rotrud (Hrotrud) (Princess)

Rotrud = Hruothraud von Franken X

(Rotrud X)
(Rotrud = Hruothraud Von Franken...)

Born in 775
Died on June 6, 810


Karl der Grosse = Carolus Magnus = Charlemagne X 742-814
Hildegardis von Schwaben X 758-783

Marriages and children

Married (not married) to Rorico = Rorgo = Roderich, Graf von Rennes ? +839/, with
Ludwig = Ludowicus, Abt von St. Denis ca 800-867
Married (never married) to Konstantin VI. von Byzanz X 771-797

Rotrud Pss Of Franks

Born in August 774, of Aachen
Died after 839
Charlemagne King Of Franks 742-
Hildegarde Cts de Vinzgau 758-783
Marriages and children
Married about 796 to Rorico Ct de Maine 777-832/, with
Louis Abbot Of St. Denis 796-

Rotrud, Princess Of Holy_Roman_Empir

Born in August 774, Of Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia
Died on June 6, 810


Charlemagne, Emperor Of Holy_Roman_Empir, [KING OF THE FRA 742-814
Hildegard, Empress Of Holy_Roman_Empir, [COUNTESS OF VIN ca 757-783

Marriages and children

Married, Not Married, to Roricon Count Of Maine

Birth : ABT 755
Death : 810
Father: , Charlemagne Empereur
Mother: Alemannien, Hildegarde von Vingzau

Marriage: ABT 800
Rennes, Rorgo de Maine Comte
Birth : BEF 780
Death : AFT 20 JUN 840
[son of Neustrien, Gauzelin im Edeling by Aldetrude]

St._Denis, Louis de Abbot
Birth : ABT 800
Death : 867


m.Rorico I, Cte du Maine(d.841)
1.Louis(d.867), Abbot of St.Denis

Rotrud Carolingians
(Rotrud Carolingians)
Born in August 774, Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia
Died on 6 June 810
Charlemagne "Charles the Great" Carolingians, Roman Emperor 742-
Hildegarde Von Vinzgau, Countess Of Vinzgau ca 757-783
Marriages and children
Married (NOT MARRIED) to Ranulph I Poitou, Count of Maine 820-866

Rotrude ( 775-810) ep. Rociron (? ap. 832), comte du Maine

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