Louis II the Stammerer- King of Aquitaine(867-879), West Franks(877-879) and Lorraine(L.II:877-10.4.879)

Louis II the Stammerer- King of Aquitaine(867-879), West Franks(877-879) and Lorraine(L.II:877-10.4.879)

Louis II Le Begue roi d"Aquitaine 867-877, puis devient roi des Francs 877-879
epouse: Ansgarde fille d"Hardouin
epouse: Adelaide fille d"Eberhard III comte de Nordgau. cf: Dynastie de Lorraine
6 enfants:
- Louis III co roi des Francs 879-882
- Carloman co roi des Francs 879-882, puis devient roi des Francs 882-884
- Hildegarde
- Ada ou Adelaide
- Ermentrude
- Charles III Le Simple roi des Francs. cf: dessous

Louis II,

byname LOUIS THE STAMMERER, French LOUIS LE BÈGUE (b. 846--d. April 10, 879, Compiègne, Fr.), king of Francia Occidentalis (the West Frankish kingdom) from 877 until his death.

Louis, the son of King Charles II the Bald, was made king of Aquitaine under his father"s tutelage in 867. Charles became emperor in 875 and two years later left Louis as regent while he defended Italy for Pope John VIII. Louis was elected king of the West Franks in December 877. At a council at Troyes in 878, the Pope attempted to force Louis to take up the role of defender of the papacy, but Louis refused. Louis and his cousin Louis the Younger, ruler of the East Frankish kingdom, agreed to maintain the division of Lotharingia that their respective fathers had negotiated in the Treaty of Mersen in 870. Louis had hoped to redistribute offices of state but was frustrated by the Frankish magnates, who had accepted him as king on the condition that he respect their possessions and rights.

<B013716> Louis II (Le_Begue) CAROLING (King of Franks)
<B013719> Father: Charles II (Le_Chauve) CAROLING (King of Franks)
<B013720> Mother: Ermentrude d" ORLEANS
OCCUPATION: King of Franks
BIRTH: 1 NOV 846, Compiegne,Oise,France
DEATH: 10 APR 879, Compiegne,,France
Family 1:
<B016691> Ansgarde de HARDUIN
<B023644> 1. Louis III CAROLING (King of Franks)
<B023643> 2. Karlmann Carloman CAROLING (King of Franks)
Family 2:
<B013722> Adelheid (Adelaide) LIUDOLFING
<B023640> 1. Irmentrude CAROLING (Princess)
<B013712> 2. Charles III (The_Simple) CAROLING (King of Franks)
Family 3:
<B036732> Adelheid (de Paris)
<B036731> 1. Ermengarde of France CAROLING


King of Franks, 877-879; he is also called "The Stammerer". He may have been born in 843 or 846. He may have also been born on 1 Sep. King of Nuestria, 856; of Aquitaine, 867; and of the West Franks, 877.
Source: Pedigrees of ... Charlemagne"s Descendants, p 132; Royal.zip (Compuserve); Haydn"s Book of Dignities, p 23; Genealogy of the Kings of France
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<I002562> Louis II "the Stammerer", King of FRANCE
<I001464> Father: Charles II "The Bald", King of AQUITAINE
<I002566> Mother: Ermendtrude of ORLEANS
BIRTH: NOV 1 846
DEATH: APR 10 879, Compeigne
Family 1:
<I002563> Adelaide of PARIS
<I008197> 1. Ermentrude of FRANCE
<I002560> 2. Charles III "the Simple", King of FRANCE


Louis II was crowned by Hincmar, Archbishop of Reims, 12-08-877, and consecrated again in 09-878 by Pope John VIII. His reign was "ineffectual.". By his first wife, Ansgarde, a Burgundian princess, he had his successors, sons Louis III and Carloman. Carloman was second successor to die, Dec. 12, 884, succeded by Charles the Simple, his half-brother (a child of five).

Louis II., the Stammerer, King of the West Franks, 877-879, born November 1, 846, died April 10, 879. He was a mediocre sovereign known only for having received Pope John VIII. in France, where he held a council at Troyes. He died after a two-year reign. He married (1) Ansgard of Burgundy. From the first marriage there were two sons as follows:
1. Louis III., King of France, 879-882.
2. Carloman, King of France, 879-884.
Louis II. married (2) Adelheide (Adelheid), daughter of Ludolph, Duke of Saxony. From the second marriage, there was one son as follows:
1. Charles IV., the Simple. See below.

Louis II le Begue
Roi d"Aquitaine (867), roi de France (877-879).
(Louis Carolingien)

Born in 846.
Died on 10th of April 879 - Compiegne, France.
Charles II le Chauve Carolingien, empereur d"Occident 823-877
Ermentrude d"Orleans +869
Marriages and children
Allied in 862 to Ansgarde ?, with
Louis III ca 863-882
Carloman ca 864-884
Allied in 874 to Adelaide de Frioul +900/, with
Charles III le Simple 879-929

Louis II "the_Stammerer" Franks

King .
(Louis Franks)

Born on November 1, 846 - ,,,France.
Died on April 10, 879 - Compiegne,,Oise,France.


Charles II "the_Bald" Holy_Roman_Empir, Emperor 823-877
Ermentrude West_Franks, Queen ca 825-869

Marriages and children

Allied in 875 to Adelaide Franks, Queen ca 850-ca 901, with
Ermentrude *870
Charles III "the_Simple" 879-929
Allied - ,,,France, to Ansgarde Burgundy, Princess +879


NAME Louis II "the Stammerer" King of the /Franks/
Morby p. 77: King of the Franks 877-879; says he was succeeded by his son Louis
III from 879-884, and by Louis II"s next son Carloman from 879-884
Stuart p. 130: Emperor of the West, 878-879, MD to Adelaide of Paris=868

Adelaide Franks
Queen .
(Adelaide of Franks)
Born about 850 - Paris,,Seine,France.
Died about 901.
Bego Paris, Count +ca 861
? ?
IGI lists her parents as RIN#s 19124 and 8807
Ancestral Roots p.125>daughter of Bego, Count of Paris d. 861, or of Count
Stuart p. 130: DD=18 Oct 900, MD=868

Ansgarde Burgundy
Princess .
(Ansgarde of Burgundy)
Died in 879.
Harduin x, Count
? ?
dd: The Carolingeans table 2

Louis II le Bègue DE FRANCE

Born on November 1, 846.
Died on April 10, 879 - 60200 Compiègne.


Charles II le Chauve DE FRANCE 823-877
Ermentrude D"ORLÉANS 825-869

Marriages and children

Allied in 856 to N DE BRETAGNE ca 835-/862
Allied in 862 to Ansgarde DE BOURGOGNE ca 840-879, with
Carloman ca 866-884
Allied in 874 to Aelis DE PARIS ca 855-901, with
Ermentrude ca 875-914/
Charles III le Simple 879-929


Profession : Roi de France du 6 Octobre 877 au 10 Avril 879.

FRANCE, Louis II "The Stammerer" of (King of France)
b.ca.Nov 846
d.10 Apr 879 in Compiegne, France
son of Charles II "The Bald" of France (King of France) and Ermentrude (Irmtrude) of Orleans, dau.of Eudes (Odo) of ORLEANS (Count of Orleans)
m.Ansgarde of BURGUNDY ca.862.
2.Louis III of (King of France)
3.Carloman of (King of France)

m.Adelaide Judith of PARIS (dau.of Begue II of Paris (Count of Paris)) before 879.
4.Ermentrude of (Princess of West Franks) (m. ).

m.Luitgrade of SAXONY (dau.of Ludolph of Saxony (Count of Saxony) and Oda of Thuringia , dau.of Billung I of Thuringia (Count of Thuringia)) before 879.
5.Charles III "The Simple" of (King of France)

Louis II le Begue
Father: Charles II le Chauve
Mother: Ermentrude d"Orleans
BIRTH: 1.09.846
DEATH: 10.04.879, Compiegne, Oise, Frankrike
Family 1:
Ansgarde de Burgund
1. Trungard


Keiser of Frankrike. Le Begue betyr stammeren.

Ludwig II.der Stammler = Louis le Bègue, König von Westfranken X
(Ludwig X)
(Ludwig Ii.Der Stammler = Louis Le Bègue, König Von Westfranken...)

Born in 846
Died in 879


Karl II. der Kahle = Charles le Chauve X 823-877
Irmtrud = Ermentrud von Orleans X ca 830-869

Marriages and children

Married (cica 875) to Adelheid von Paris X ca 855-901/, with
Ermentrud von Westfranken ca 875
Karl III. King of the Westfranks "Charles le simple" 879-929
Married in March 862 to Ansgard von Burgund X +879/, with
Ludwig III. ? 863-882
Karlman ? 866-884
Hildegard ?
Gisla +/884


Adelheid von Paris X
(Adelheid X)
(Adelheid Von Paris...)
Born about 855
Died after 901
Adalhard, Pfalzgraf von Paris X ca 830-890/
N.N. ?

Ansgard von Burgund X
(Ansgard X)
(Ansgard Von Burgund...)
Died after November 2, 879
Harduin Graf von Burgund ?
N.N. ?

Louis II the Stammerer King Of France
(Louis King Of France)
Born on November 1, 846
Died on April 10, 879, Compiegne, Oise, France
Charles II the Bald King Of West Franks 823-877
Ermentrude de Orléans 825-869
Marriages and children
Married to Ansgarde de Burgundy +874, with
Gisela de France +/884
Louis III 863-882
Carloman 866-884
Married about 869 to Adelaide (Judith) de Paris 850-901/, with
Irmentrude de France ca 870
Charles III the Simple 879-929


Ansgarde de Burgundy
Died in 874
Harduin Ct de Burgundy
? ?

Adelaide (Judith) de Paris
Born in 850, Paris, Seine, France
Died after November 10, 901
Adalarde (Beggon) Ct de La Palace 795
? ?

Louis II, King_Of_The Franks
(Louis Franks)

Born on November 1, 846, ,,,France
Died on April 10, 879, ,Compiegne,Oise,France


Charles II,__Emporer Of_The Holy_Roman_Empir 823-877
Ermentrude, Queen Of_The Franks ca 825-869

Marriages and children

Married, ,,,France, to Ansgarde Princess Of Burgundy
Married in 875 to Adelaide, Queen Of Franks ca 850-ca 901, with
Ermentrude Princess Of ca 870
Charles_III, "The_Simple" King_Of_The 879-929


Adelaide, Queen Of Franks
Born about 850, ,Paris,Seine,France
Died about November 10, 901
Beggen (Bego) Count_Of Paris ca 795-ca 795
Alpaide (Alpais), Princess_Of_The Holy_Roman_Empir ca 810

Louis II le Begue
b.Nov 846
d.10.4.879, Compiegne

m.862 Ansgarde de Bourgogne(d.879)
2.Louis III

m.868 Adelaide(853-10.11.901, Laon), dau.of Humruoch III, Marquis du Frioul
6.Charles III le Simple

Louis II "The Stammerer" Carolingians
King Of France
(Louis Carolingians)
(Louis Ii "The Stammerer"...)
Born on 1 November 846, France
Died on 10 April 879, Compiegne,Oise,France
Charles II "The Bald" Carolingians, King Of France 823-877
Hermintrudis (Ermengarde) Orleans, Empress of the Holy Roman Empreor 830-869
Marriages and children
Married in 875 to Adelaide Judith de Paris, Queen Of The Franks ca 850-900, with
Louis III ca 863-882
Ermentrude ca 876
Charles III "The Simple" 879-929
Married to Emma Von Bavaria, with
Carloman ca 800-884
Married in 862, France, to Ansgarde Meroving ca 846-879/, with
Adelaide ca 866


Adelaide Judith de Paris
Queen Of The Franks
(Adelaide de Paris)
(Adelaide Judith...)
Born about 850, Paris,Seine,France
Died on 18 October 900
Beggen II de Paris, Count of Paris ca 795-861/
Alpaide (Alpais) Carolingians ca 810

Ansgarde Meroving
(Ansgarde Meroving)
Born about 846, Aix-Le-Chappelle,France
Died after 2 November 879

Louis II "Le Begue" ou "Le Faineant" (° 1.11.846-Compiegne, 10.04.879), roi en Neustrie (856), roi d"Aquitaine (867), de France (877-879) ep. 1°. O.03.862, Ansgarde (? ap. 879), repudiee (866), fille du comte Hardouin; 2°. 868/70, Adelaide de Paris (? ap. 901). Dont :
- Du premier lit :
1. Louis II, roi de France, qui suit.
2. Carloman, roi de France, qui suivra.
3. Hildegarde.
- Du second lit :
4. Irmtrude ou Hermentrude (° v. 870) ep. NO.
5. Charles III "Le Simple", roi de France. (Cf. Chapitre III : Branche cadette).

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