Gisele. morte en 874
epouse: Eberhard marquis de Frioul. mort en 869. cf: Dynastie des Unrochides

<B023648> Gisele de_Baviere CAROLING
<B013268> Father: Louis I (Le_Debonnaire) CAROLING (King of Franks)
<B013717> Mother: Judith Altdorf WELF
BIRTH: 820, Bavaria,Germany
DEATH: 1 JUL 874, ,,France
Family 1:
<B036777> Eberhard de FRIULI (Saint)
<B028070> 1. Hatwige de FRIULI
<B028225> 2. Berengarius I de FRIULI (King of Italy)
<B028148> 3. Judith de FRIULI


She may have been born in "806" or 818/822.
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<I002285> Gisela (Gisele of FRANCE)
<I000778> Father: Louis I "The Pious", King of AQUITAINE
<I000779> Mother: Judith of BAVARIA
BIRTH: 820
DEATH: 1 JUL 874
Family 1:
<I002284> Eberhard, Count of FRIOUL
<I000775> 1. Hatwige
<I004356> 2. Judith of FRIULI
<I002283> 3. Berenger I, Duke of FRIULI


Gisela, married Eberhard, Count of Burgundy, son of Henrok, Duke of Frioul. They had a daughter Hedwige. Details are not available of each generation of descendants but it is recorded that she was also the grandmother of Duke Burkhardt, who died in 911, from whom descended Ulrich von Uerikon, Swiss knight, born in 1259. She was also the ancestress of Amicia Meullent, daughter of William Muellent, 2nd Earl of Gloucester, wife of Richard de Clare, the Surety. See this lineage elsewhere in Volume II. Gisela and Eberhard also had a son, Berengar I., King of Italy, 888, Emperor, 915, died in 924.

Gisele Carolingien
Born in 820.
Died on 1st of July 874.
Louis Ier le Pieux Carolingien, empereur d"Occident 778-840
Judith de Baviere ca 800-843
Marriages and children
Allied about 835 to Evrard, marquis de Frioul, with
Ingeltrude ca 836-857/
Berenger Ier ca 843-924

Gisle Holy_Roman_Empir

Princess .

Born maybe in 818 - ,,,France.
Died on July 1, 876.


Louis I "the_Pious" Holy_Roman_Empir, Emperor 778-840
Judith Holy_Roman_Empir, Princess/Bavaria ca 800-843

Marriages and children

Allied in 836 - ,,,France, to Eberhard Friuli, Marquis ca 820-866, with
Unruoch III of ca 840-ca 874
Berengar I King_of Italy 850-924
Heilwise +936
Judith +902/


Stuart p. 139: Princess of France and the West, DD 1 Jul 874, MD


Born in 820.
Died on July 1, 874.
Buried in 874 - 59830 Cysoing.


Louis Ier le Debonnaire DE FRANCIE 778-840
Judith D"ALTDORF 805-843

Marriages and children

Allied about 835 to Ebberhardt DE FRIOUL ca 800-866, with
Ingeltrude ca 836-857/
Umruoch III ca 840-874
Berenger Ier ca 843-924
Judith *ca 845
Heilwig ca 855-895/

<G000404> Gisle Princess of HOLYROMAN_EMPIRE
<G000392> Father: The_Pious LOUIS (HolyRoman Empire)
<G000102> Mother: ERMENGARDE (Emp Holy Roman)
BIRTH: ABT 818/820, ,,,France

Gisele (Gisela) of FRANCE (Princess of France)
m. Eberhard of FRIULI

Gisela de Baviere
Father: Louis I le Pieux
Mother: Judith von Bavaria
BIRTH: ca. 820
DEATH: 1.07.874
Family 1:
Eberhard Saint de Friuli
1. Berengarius I
2. Hatwige de Friuli

Gisela von Franken X

(Gisela X)
(Gisela Von Franken...)

Born about 819
Died after July 1, 874
Buried - im Calixtuskloster, in Cysoing (fr. Flandern)


Ludwig der Fromme = Louis le Pieux oder Débonnaire X 778/-840
Judith Welf von Altorf X ca 805-843

Marriages and children

Married about 836 to Eberhard, Markgraf von Friaul X +866, with
Eberhard von Friaul ? ca 837-/840
Ingeltrud = Angiltrud 837-840/
Unruoch, Herzog von Friaul ca 840-874/
Berengar I. Kaiser ca 845-924
Adalhard, Inhaber der Hausabtei Cysoing ? +874/
Rudolf, Graf von Friaul ? +892
Heilwig = Heiliwich = Heilluidis = Hellwich von Friaul +895/
Gisla (Nonne im Kloster S.Salvatore in Brescia) ? +863/
Judith von Friaul +864/

Gisela de Aquitaine

Born (819-822)
Died after July 1, 874
Louis I the Pious de Aquitaine King Of France 778-840
Judith the Fair Of Bavaria 800-843
Marriages and children
Married about 836 to Eberhard de Friuli Duc de Friuli ca 810-866, with
Uruoch de Friuli
Adalhard de Friuli
Rudolf de Friuli
Gisela de Friuli
Judith de Friuli
Berengar I King Of Italy -924
[AR 191:16, 146:15; ES ii, 188A]

Gisle, Princess Of Holy_Roman_Empir

Born (ABT 818/820), ,,,France
Died after July 1, 876


Louis I,_Emporer Of_The Holy_Roman_Empir 778-840
Ermengarde, Princess Of Hesbaye, EMPRESS OF HRE ca 778-818

Marriages and children

Married before 843, ,,,France, to Eberhard Duke Of Friuli ca 800


m.838/836 Eberhard de Frioul(800-16.12.866)
1.Adalard, Abbot of Cysoing
2.Berenger I
4.Raoul, Abbot of St.Vaast
5.Gisele, Abbess of Brescia

Gisele Carolingians
(Gisele Carolingians)
Born in 820, France
Died on 1 July 874
Louis I "The Pious" Carolingians, Holy Roman Emperor 778-840
Judith Wittelsbach ca 800-843
Marriages and children
Married in 836, France, to Eberhard Von Friuli ca 800-866

Gisele (° v. 820-ap. 874) ep. v. 836, Eberhard, margrave de Frioul (? 962)

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