Ermengarda - Abbess of Chiemsee

Ermengarda - Abbess of Chiemsee

Ermengarde abbesse de Chiemsee. morte en 866

Irmengard of Chiemsee

Blessed Irmengard of Chiemsee, OSB Abbess (AC)

Died 866; cultus confirmed in 1928. Irmengard was the daughter of King Louis the Germans and great granddaughter of Charlemagne. Her father appointed her abbess of Buchau and later of Chiemsee monasteries (Benedictines). In art, Blessed Irmengard is a crowned Benedictine abbess with a flaming heart and bell on her pastoral staff. She is venerated in Ettal (Roeder).

Fiest day: July 16

Ermengard = Irmgard ?
(Ermengard ?)
(Ermengard = Irmgard...)

Died on July 16, 866


Ludwig II. der Deutsche = König der Ostfranken X ca 806-876
Hemma = Emma, Welfin X +876

Abbess of Chiemsee

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