Charles(Karl) III the Fat - King of Germany, Alemannia(876-882), Italy(879-888), Lorraine(K.III:882-?.11.887) and France(884-887), Emperor(881-887), Duke of Alemannia(863-887)

Charles(Karl) III the Fat - King of Germany, Alemannia(876-882), Italy(879-888), Lorraine(K.III:882-?.11.887) and France(884-887), Emperor(881-887), Duke of Alemannia(863-887)

Charles II Le Gros (III empereur d"Occident) roi de Souabe 876-887 abdique, roi d"Italie 879-887 abdique, empereur d"Occident et roi de Baviere et roi de Germanie 881-887 abdique, roi des Francs 884-887 abdique. mort en 888
epouse: X fille d"Eckanger
epouse: Sainte Richarde de Souabe. morte en 911
1 enfant:
- Bernard. mort en 891

Charles III,

byname CHARLES THE FAT, French CHARLES LE GROS, German KARL DER DICKE (b. 839, Bavaria?--d. Jan. 13, 888, Neidingen), Frankish king and emperor, whose fall in 887 marked the final disintegration of the empire of Charlemagne. (Although he controlled France briefly, he is usually not reckoned among the kings of France).

The youngest son of Louis the German and great-grandson of Charlemagne, Charles became king of Swabia on his father"s death in 876; in 879, on the resignation of his sick brother Carloman (died 880), he took over the kingdom of Italy. He was crowned emperor by Pope John VIII in 881. Saxony fell to Charles on the death of his brother Louis the Younger (882), and Charles became king of all the East Franks. Then, on the deaths of the West Frankish kings Louis III (882) and Carloman (884), Charles reunited (885) under his rule the empire of Charlemagne with the exception of Provence, where the usurper Boso had set up a kingdom for himself. Charles, afflicted by illness, was listless in his duties; he failed to help the Pope against the Saracens and the expansionist dukes of Spoleto; and, although he led armies against the Vikings in the Netherlands (881) and at Paris (886), on both occasions he bought off the invaders. His incompetence and the ambition of his nephew Arnulf finally provoked a rising in East Francia, where Arnulf took over the government (Frankfurt, November 887).


island in the Untersee, the western arm of Lake Constance (Bodensee) in Baden-Württemberg Land (state), southwestern Germany. Belonging to the city of Konstanz, it is 3 miles (5 km) long and 1 mile (1.6 km) wide and is connected to the mainland by a causeway 1.25 miles (2 km) long. Reichenau is known for the richly endowed Benedictine monastery founded there in 724 and secularized in 1803; it was the artistic and literary centre of southwestern Germany during the 9th to 11th centuries and had an important college that produced many archbishops and bishops of the period. The abbey church at Mittelzell (10th-11th century, with a late Gothic choir) contains the tomb of Charles III the Fat (d. 888), who retired to Reichenau after being dethroned. A lake resort, the reiche Au ("rich pasture" cultivated by the medieval monks), still supports flowers, fruit, and grapes. Pop. (1991 est.) 4,562.

Charles III le Gros
Roi d"Alamannie (876-882), roi d"Italie (879-888), empereur d"Occident (881-887), roi de Germanie (882-887), roi de Lotharingie (Charles II, 882-887), roi de France (884-887).
(Charles Carolingien)

Born in 839.
Died in 888.
Louis Ier le Germanique Carolingien, roi de Baviere ca 806-876
Emma de Baviere +876
Marriages and children
Allied in 862 to Richarde de Souabe, with
Carloman ca 864-876

<B024692> Charles (The_Fat) III CAROLING (Emporer)
<B023649> Father: Louis (The_German) II CAROLING (King of Bavaria)
<B023650> Mother: Emma Altdorf WELF
BIRTH: 832/839, ,Bavaria,Germany
DEATH: 888, ,,France


King of France; Accession 884 Holy Roman Emporer 881-887 He was also known as "Le Gros". Deposed 887. He adopted Louis III (c833-928) Emporer of the West in 901
Source: Kings, Rulers and Statesmen, p 135; Genealogy of the French Kings

Charles III "The Fat" (King West Franks)

Karl III. der Dicke X
(Karl X)
(Karl Iii. Der Dicke...)

Born in 839
Died on January 13, 888
Buried - Insel Reichenau


Ludwig II. der Deutsche = König der Ostfranken X ca 806-876
Hemma = Emma, Welfin X +876

Marriages and children

Married in 862 to Richardis von Schwaben X +ca 900
Married to N.N. (Konkubine) ?, with
Bernhard ? +891


Richardis von Schwaben X
(Richardis X)
(Richardis Von Schwaben...)
Died about September 18, 900, Kloster Andlau im Elsass
Erchangar, Graf von Schwaben X
N.N. ?

Charles III the Fat King Of West Franks
(Charles King Of West Franks)
Born in 837
Died (13 Jan 887/88)
Louis II the German King Of East Franks 800-876
Emma Of Bavaria ca 810-
Marriages and children
Married to Richardis (Of The West Franks)

Charles III le Gros

Charles Ier "Le Gros", empereur des Romains, roi de Germanie, roi de France. (Cf. Chapitre II : Branche ainee)

Charles Ier "Le Gros" (° 839-Neidingen, 13.01.888), roi d"Alemanie (865), roi de Souabe (876-887), roi d"Italie (876-887) empereur des Romains (881-887), roi de France (884-887), depose en 887 ep. 862, Richarde (? v. 900), fille du comte Erchanger. Dont :

1. Carloman (? 876).

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