<B030394> Hedwige CAROLING
<B023649> Father: Louis (The_German) II CAROLING (King of Bavaria)
<B023650> Mother: Emma Altdorf WELF
BIRTH: ABT 831, ,Bavaria,Germany


Source: David Collyer <dcollyer@@GIANT.BNC.COM.AU>

Hedwige Of Germany

Born in 856
Died on December 24, 903
Louis II the German King Of East Franks 800-876
Emma Of Bavaria ca 810-
Marriages and children
Married in 870 to Otto the Illustrious of Saxony Duke Of Saxony 851-912, with
Liudolf Of Saxony +
Thangmar Of Saxony +
Oda Of Saxony
Henry I the Fowler Holy Roman Emp 875-936
Stammtafeln says she is the daughter of Henry, Margrave of Mark (d 886).

Current consensus (as summarised by E.Hlawitschka, in Rheinische
Vierteljarhrblatter, 1974, p141ff) is that she was a daughter of Margrave Henry who died at paris against the Normans 28.8.886 (he also often appears with other titles: Duke of the Austrasians, is one of them). Her mother was according to the same author) was probably a grand-daughter of St.Ida (d.c.820) and the Saxon Count Egbert (flor. 809-11).

I can only refer back to the same article: there was a family in Saxony
at this time who historians call the Egbertiner or Cobbonen after their
most distinguished members. The details about Ida and Egbert"s family
come from two sources: her Life (written 980/3) and the Translatio
S.Pusinnae (c.860/77). St.Ida was the founder of Herford, a convent
in Saxony. Her Life calls Egbert duke of all saxony between the Rhine
and the weser appointed by Charlemagne. A count Egbert appears in
the Royal frankish annals in 809 and 811 concerned with the boundary
between Saxony and the Denmark. Their children included Warin
abbot of Corvey 826-56, and Count Cobbo the Elder (d. fl 845), and
Addila abbess of Herford. This family continued to be important in
Saxony in the 10th century.

Ida is said to be the daughter of a Frankish count (though Hlawitschka tries to make her a daughter of Carloman I d.771, wrongly I think). As Egbert of Wessex became king in 802 (?), it would seem unlikely that he could have two different careers in two different countries, at the same time. Unless the ASC date 802 is wrong.


PS: the Egbertiner are also mentioned in an article in English (about
the revolt of the Stellinga in Saxony c.840-43), in Speculum 70, 1995, p488.
Speculum is an American journal on Medieval History.

Dutch "Winkler Prins" encyclopedia says Henry was via his mother a
grandson of Louis the German (who was a grandson of Charlemagne). The
sources of this article are:
- Jahrbücher des deutschen Reichs unter König Heinrich, by G. Waitz (1885,
- König Heinrich I, by Fr. Lüdtke (1936)
- Geschichte der sächsischen Kaiserzeit, by R. Holzmann (1941, 1953)
- König Heinrich I, by W. Mohr (1950)
- Von den Karolingern zu den Staufern, by J. Haller (1958)
- Die Mark Brandenburg, by J. Schultze (1961)
- Heinrich I, Südwest- und Westpolitik, by H. Büttner (1964)
"Von den Karolingern zu den Staufern" is the source of the genealogical information in the article.

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