Louis II the Young - King of Saxony(876), Bavaria(880-882) and Lorraine(L.III:876-20.1.882)

Louis II the Young - King of Saxony(876), Bavaria(880-882) and Lorraine(L.III:876-20.1.882)

Louis II ou III Le Jeune roi de Saxe 876-877, puis devient roi de Germanie 877-881, roi de Baviere 880-881
epouse: X fille d"Adelard
epouse: Liutgarde fille de Liudolf de Saxe. morte en 885. cf: Dynastie Liudolfide
2 enfants:
- Hildegarde. morte en 895
- Louis. mort en 879

Louis III,

byname LOUIS THE YOUNGER, German LUDWIG DER JUENGERE (b. c. 830--d. Jan. 20, 882, Frankfurt), king of part of the East Frankish realm who, by acquiring western Lotharingia (Lorraine) from the West Franks, helped to establish German influence in that area.

A son of Louis the German, king of the East Franks, Louis the Younger invaded Aquitaine on his father"s orders in 854. For some time Charles the Bald, Louis the German"s half brother and king of the West Franks, had been attempting to conquer the Aquitanian kingdom, and in 852 he imprisoned Pepin II of Aquitaine, his nephew, who had fallen into his hands. In the following year the Aquitanian magnates sent envoys to Louis the German, offering the crown either to him or to one of his sons. It was at that time that Louis agreed to send Louis the Younger to Aquitaine with an army. The expedition was, however, unsuccessful. Pepin escaped from prison, and upon his return the Aquitanians abandoned the cause of Louis the Younger, who was forced to return to Bavaria.

Under arrangements made by his father in 865 and 872, Louis the Younger received Franconia, Thuringia, and Saxony after his father"s death (August 876). When Charles the Bald attempted to seize eastern Lotharingia (i.e., that part of Lotharingia that had belonged to Louis the German), Louis the Younger defeated him at Andernach (October 876) and incorporated it into his own dominions. By invading the West Frankish kingdom, he acquired western Lotharingia in the treaties of Verdun (879) and Ribémont (880).

Louis II le Jeune
Roi de Saxe (876), roi de Baviere and de Lotharingie (880-882).
(Louis Carolingien)

Born about 830.
Died in 882.
Louis Ier le Germanique Carolingien, roi de Baviere ca 806-876
Emma de Baviere +876
Marriages and children
Allied about 876 to Liutgarde de Saxe +885


Liutgarde de Saxe
Died in 885.
Liudolf de Saxe, margrave en Saxe orientale +866
Oda N... ca 825-913

Liudolf de Saxe
Margrave en Saxe orientale (840-850).
Died in 866.
Marriages and children
Allied to Oda N... ca 825-913, with
Brunon +880
Otton Ier l"Illustre ca 845-912
Liutgarde +885

Louis "The Young" (King East Franks)

Ludwig III. König von Sachsen, Bayern und
Lotharingen X

(Ludwig X)
(Ludwig Iii. König Von Sachsen, Bayern Und Lotharingen...)

Born about 835
Died on January 20, 882
Buried - Kloster Lorsch


Ludwig II. der Deutsche = König der Ostfranken X ca 806-876
Hemma = Emma, Welfin X +876

Marriages and children

Married between 855 and 860 to N.N. (Konkubine) ?, with
Hugo ? ca 855-880
Married about 869, Aschaffenburg, to Liutgard von Sachsen X +885, with
Ludwig ? ca 877-ca 879
Hildegard 878-895/

Liutgard von Sachsen X

(Liutgard X)
(Liutgard Von Sachsen...)

Died on November 30, 885
Buried - Aschaffenburg


Liudolf, Graf von Sachsen ? ca 806-866
Oda von Sachsen X 806-913 [dau.of Billung I. von Sachsen]

Louis the Young King Of East Franks
(Louis King Of East Franks)
Born in 835
Died (20 Jan 881/82)
Louis II the German King Of East Franks 800-876
Emma Of Bavaria ca 810-
Marriages and children
Married in 876 to Liutgard Of Saxony +, with
Hildegard Of Saxony +895/
Louis Of Saxony ca 877-879


Liutgard Of Saxony
Died (25 Jan 884/85)
Liudolf Of Saxony Ct de Saxony 826-866
Oda Billung 826-913

Louis "Le Jeune" (° v. 830-Francfort, 20.01.882), roi de Saxe, Thuringe et Franconie (865)

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