Louis III the Child - King of Germany(900-911), Duke of Alemannia(L.IV:900-911)

Louis III the Child - King of Germany(900-911), Duke of Alemannia(L.IV:900-911)

Louis III ou IV roi de Baviere 899-911, roi de Germanie 899-906, puis devient co roi de Germanie 906-911, roi de Lotharingie 901-911

Louis IV,

byname LOUIS THE CHILD, German LUDWIG DAS KIND (b. 893, Altötting, Bavaria--d. Sept. 24, 911, Frankfurt), East Frankish king, the last of the East Frankish Carolingians. During his reign the country was ravaged by frequent Magyar raids, and local magnates (the ancestors of the later ducal dynasties) brought Bavaria, Franconia, Swabia, and Saxony under their sway.

A son of the East Frankish king Arnulf, Louis was declared heir to the kingdom in 897, and after Arnulf"s death (899) was crowned king in 900. Later that year a party of Lotharingians, after defeating their king, Zwentibold (Louis" half brother), in an uprising, acknowledged Louis as their sovereign.

Although in theory the boy king was himself the ruler, the government was, in fact, controlled by Archbishop Hatto I of Mainz. The kingdom was, however, too weak to check the raids of the Magyars, which became increasingly frequent after 900. In 910 they defeated a large royal army near Augsburg. Louis died the following year.

<B024695> Louis III (The_Child) CAROLING (Emporer)
<B024694> Father: Arnulf Arnold CAROLING (Emporer)
<B028068> Mother: Otta Carinthia BAYERN
BIRTH: 893, Carintha,Bavaria,Germany
DEATH: 911, ,Bavaria,Germany


Holy Roman Emporer (899-911) [Not crowned]
Source: Kings, Rulers and Statesmen, p 135
EVEN DATE 899/911

Louis III l"Enfant
Roi de Germanie and de Lotharingie (900-911).
(Louis de Baviere)

Born in 893.
Died in 911.
Arnoul Ier de Baviere, empereur d"Occident ca 850-899
? ?

Ludwig IV. "das Kind" ?

(Ludwig ?)
(Ludwig Iv. "Das Kind"...)

Born in 893
Died on November 24, 911


Arnulf von Kärnten, Kaiser X ca 850-899
Oda (Konradiner) ? +903/

Louis III the Child King Of Germany
(Louis King Of Germany)
Born in 893
Died in 911
Arnulf Of Carinthia King Of Germany 850-899
Oda Of Bavaria

Louis III
b.893, Oettingen
d.911, Ratisbonne

Louis IV "L"Enfant" (° 893-Ratisbonne, 24.09.911), roi de Germanie (900-911). Dernier Carolingien a regner sur la Germanie. Henri Ier "L"Oiseleur" creea une nouvelle dynastie (919)

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