Luitgarda (Hedwige,Edith,Hathui)

Luitgarda (Hedwige,Edith,Hathui)

<B016859> Luitgarde Hedwige Hathui CAROLING (Princess of Bava)
<B024694> Father: Arnulf Arnold CAROLING (Emporer)
<B028068> Mother: Otta Carinthia BAYERN
OCCUPATION: Princess of Bava
BIRTH: 863, ,,Germany
DEATH: 903/906
Family 1:
<B016672> Otho (Le_Grand) I LIUDOLFING (Duke)
<B028017> 1. Barbe LIUDOLFING
<B016673> 2. Konrad I LIUDOLFING (Emporer)
<B013206> 3. Heinrich (The_Follower) I LIUDOLFING (Emporer)


Source: LDS Ancestral File; Ahnentafel for Edward III of England
TITL Princess of Bavaria
SOUR Dee, Danielle Marie. AOL user Dani Dee. File uploaded to AOL "Van
Arsdale/Crawford/Hayes" ( on Nov 29, 1994.
SOUR O"shea/Charlemagne qvc;

<I000773> Hedwige (Edith) of BAVARIA
<I001436> Father: Arnulf of Bavaria & Italy, Roman EMPEROR
DEATH: 24 DEC 903
Family 1:
<I000772> Otho, the Illustrious, Duke of SAXONY
<I004426> 1. Brunchilde of SAXONY
<I000770> 2. Henry I ("the Fowler"), EMPEROR


She is also known as Ludgarda.

Hedwige Holy_Roman_Empir

Princess/Germany .
(Hedwige [Empress] of Holy_Roman_Empir)

Born about 856 - of,,,Germany.
Died on December 24, 903.


Arnuph I of Germany, King ca 820-899
Oda Bavaria *ca 820

Marriages and children

Allied in 869 to Otto "the_Illustrious ",_of Saxony, Duke ca 836-912, with
Heinrich I "the_Fowler" Saxons 876-936


Name Hedwige, Empress of The /Holy Roman Empire/
Princess of GERMANY
Ancestral Roots p. 123>shows controversy re. Hedwig
Stuart p. 69,131: DD 906

Hedwige of BAVARIA (Princess of Bavaria)
m. Otto "The Illustrious" of SAXONY


m.869 Otton(835-13.11.912), duc de Saxe
1.Henri I(876-2.7.936), duc de Saxe [he m.909 Mathilde de Ringelheim(894-14.3.968)]

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