Arnulf - King of Germany(887-899) and Lorraine, Emperor(886/7-889), Duke of Bavaria(880-899), Alemannia(887-899) and Carinthia

Arnulf - King of Germany(887-899) and Lorraine, Emperor(886/7-889), Duke of Bavaria(880-899), Alemannia(887-899) and Carinthia

Arnoul Le Germanique roi de Baviere et roi de Germanie 887-899, roi d"Italie 894-899, empereur d"Occident 896-899
epouse: Oda ou Otte
2 enfants et 1 fils naturel:
- Glismut. cf: dessous
- Fils naturel: Zwentibold roi de Lotharingie 895-900
- Louis III ou IV roi de Baviere 899-911, roi de Germanie 899-906, puis devient co roi de Germanie 906-911, roi de Lotharingie 901-911


also called ARNULF OF CARINTHIA, German ARNULF VON KAERNTEN (d. Dec. 8, 899), duke of Carinthia who deposed his uncle, the Holy Roman emperor Charles III the Fat, and became king of Germany, later briefly wearing the crown of the emperor.

Arnulf was the illegitimate son of Charles the Fat"s eldest brother, Carloman, who was king of Bavaria. Arnulf inherited the march of Carinthia from his father but was excluded from the succession to the kingdom on Carloman"s death. Arnulf maintained and consolidated his frontiers, though in constant tension with the Moravian kingdom of Svatopluk. In November 887, at Frankfurt, the East Frankish magnates revolted against the incompetent emperor Charles the Fat, who since 885 had ruled the reunited Carolingian empire. Arnulf was elected king of the East Franks, and Charles yielded without a struggle. The West Franks, Burgundy, and Italy refused to recognize Arnulf, however, and elected new kings from their own nobility. The Carolingian empire thus finally disintegrated.

Arnulf"s base of operations remained in Bavaria, but he successfully defended his authority as German king in Lotharingia (now Lorraine), and he even maintained a loose feudal authority over the other kings. He was an energetic ruler whose suzerainty was acknowledged even by the sons of Svatopluk after their father"s death in 894. In 891 Arnulf inflicted a crushing defeat on the Vikings at the Dyle River, north of Brussels, and their raids up the Rhine River consequently ended in 892. Arnulf also gave his son Zwentibold the crown of Lotharingia.

The king of Italy, Guy of Spoleto, had had himself crowned Holy Roman emperor by Pope Stephen V. In 893, after reluctantly crowning Guy"s son, Lambert, as coemperor, the new pope, Formosus, sought help against Guy from Arnulf, who accordingly invaded Italy in 894. Arnulf withdrew from Italy later that same year, but, after Guy"s death in 894, Pope Formosus urged Arnulf to invade Italy once more. Crossing the Alps in October 895, Arnulf, although handicapped by bad weather, illness, and the absence of expected support from Berengar of Friuli, appeared before the walls of Rome. Rome fell, and in St. Peter"s on Feb. 22, 896, Arnulf was crowned emperor by Formosus, who declared Lambert deposed. After a two-week stay in the city, Arnulf marched south to settle accounts with his rival at Spoleto, but en route he was suddenly taken ill and had to return to Germany. Lambert remained emperor despite the pope"s action.

The last three years of Arnulf"s life, during which his illness continued, saw Germany invaded by Moravians and Hungarians, Lotharingia in revolt against Zwentibold, Italy lost, and France free of Arnulf"s influence.

<B024694> Arnulf Arnold CAROLING (Emporer)
<B023651> Father: Carloman CAROLING (King of Bavaria)
<B028067> Mother: Litovinda Liutswind BOHMENMARK ({Concubine})
BIRTH: 850, Carintha,Bavaria,Germany
DEATH: 29 NOV 899, ,Bavaria,Germany
Family 1:
<B028068> Otta Carinthia BAYERN
<B016859> 1. Luitgarde Hedwige Hathui CAROLING (Princess of Bava)
<B028099> 2. Glismonde Glismut CAROLING
<B024695> 3. Louis III (The_Child) CAROLING (Emporer)


Holy Roman Emporer (887-899) Duke of Carinthia [Karnthen]. Poisoned.
He may have been born in 863. He may have died on 8 December.
Source: Kings, Rulers and Statesmen, p 135; Ahnentafel for Edward III of England
TITL Holy Roman Emperor, King of Germany
EVEN DATE 887/899

<I001436> Arnulf of Bavaria & Italy, Roman EMPEROR
<I001760> Father: Carloman, King of Bavaria and ITALY
<I001761> Mother: DAU. OF COUNT ERNEST
DEATH: DEC 899, [bur. Regensburg]
Family 1:
<I000773> 1. Hedwige (Edith) of BAVARIA
Family 2:
<I002756> Helingardis
<I002755> 1. Rapold of BAVARIA


Arnulf was illegitimate son of Carloman (?) and grandson of Carloman"s father Louis the German, King of the East Franks (d. 880; son of Emperor Louis I - see AEM"s Chart 310C:4). Arnulf"s wife is Oda, daughter of Theodore of Bavaria.

Arnoul Ier de Baviere
Roi de Germanie and de Lotharingie (887), empereur d"Occident (896-899).
(Arnoul de Baviere)

Born about 850.
Died in 899.
Carloman, roi de Baviere ca 829-880
? ?
Marriages and children
Allied to ? ?, with
Louis III l"Enfant 893-911
Allied in 870 to ? ?, with
Zwentibold de Lorraine ca 870-900
Allied in 888 to ? ?, with
Ratold Ier
Berthe de Germanie

Arnuph I of Germany

King .
(Arnuph Germany)

Born about 820 - of,,Saxony,Germany.
Died in 899.


Carloman Bavaria, King *ca 800
Litwinde ? *ca 800

Marriages and children

Allied to Oda Bavaria *ca 820, with
Hedwige Holy_Roman_Empir ca 856-903


Ancestral Roots p. 123
Carolingeans table 2>dd, duke of Carinthia, king of Germany
Stuart p. 131: Emperor of Germany, c863-869

Oda Bavaria
(Oda of Bavaria)
Born about 820 - of,,Bavaria,Germany.
Theodore ? *ca 800
? ?
Ancestral Roots p. 123


Born about 850.
Died on December 8, 899.


Carloman Ier DE BAVIERE 828-880
Luitzwinde N... ca 830-/891

Marriages and children

Allied about 870 to N N... ca 855-874 (Concubinage.), with
Zwentebold DE LORRAINE ca 870-900
Allied about 875 to Ellinrat N... ca 860-914/
Allied about 888 to N N... *ca 865, with
Ratold Ier ca 889-929
Berthe DE GERMANIE 891-ca 936
Allied about 892 to Oda N... *ca 870


Profession : Roi de Bavière du 29 Septembre 880 au 8 Decembre 899.

CARINTHIA, Arnulf of (King of Germany).
son of Carloman of Bavaria (King of Bavaria) and Litwinde
m.Oda of Baveria.
1.Hedwige of BAVARIA (Princess of Bavaria) (m. Otto "The Illustrious" of SAXONY)

St. Ansegisus

Arnulf 850-899, emperor. Illegitimate son of Carloman of Bavaria, he led the East Franks in rebellion against his uncle, Charles III in 887 and ruled as their king from that year until his death. He defeated the Normans in 891 was successful against the Moravians and in 894 made a weak incursion into Italy at the request of Pope Formosus but stopped at Piacenza. He invaded with more strength in 896, took Rome and was crowned emperor. He was stricken with paralysis and returned to his homeland. He was the last of the Carolingian emperors.

Arnulf von Kärnten, Kaiser X

(Arnulf X)
(Arnulf Von Kärnten, Kaiser...)

Born about 850
Died on December 8, 899, Regensburg
Buried - St. Emmeram


Karlman, König von Bayern und Italien X ca 830-880
Liutswind = Litwinde (Konkubine) ? +/891

Marriages and children

Married about 870 to N.N. (Konkubine) ?, with
Zwentibold = Zontebolt = Senebaldus von Lotharingen 870-900
Married about 870 to Ellinrat (Konkubine) ? +914/ (Died after May 24, 914), with
Ellinrat von Kärnten +914/
Married before 888 to N.N. (Konkubine) ?, with
Ratold = Rapoldus ? /889
Married to Oda (Konradiner) ? +903/, with
Ludwig IV. "das Kind" ? 893-911


Arnulf (died 899), king of Germany (887-99) and Holy Roman emperor(896-99). He was an illegitimate son of the East
Frankish ruler Carloman, who was a great-grandson of Charlemagne. In 887 Arnulf led the revolt that forced Charles III (The Fat), king of France and HolyRoman emperor, to abdicate and was elected king of the East Franks,that is, of Germany. In 891 he repulsed the Vikings, who were invadinghis kingdom. He campaigned in Italy in 894 and again in 895-96. Inearly 896, he captured Rome and was crowned Holy Roman emperor, thelast Carolingian to be so invested.

Arnulf Of Carinthia King Of Germany
Born in 850
Died on December 8, 899
Carloman Of Bavaria King Of Bavaria 830-880
Litwinde (Of Bavaria)
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
Zwentibold King Of Lorraine ca 870-900
Married to Oda Of Bavaria, with
Louis III the Child 893-911


m.Oda de Baviere
4.Louis III

Arnoul de Carinthie (° v. 850-Ratisbonne, 8.12.899), roi de Carinthie (877-899), de Germanie (887), empereur d"Occident (896-899). Dont :
- Zwentibold (? O.08.900).
- Louis IV "L"Enfant" (° 893-Ratisbonne, 24.09.911), roi de Germanie (900-911). Dernier Carolingien a regner sur la Germanie. Henri Ier "L"Oiseleur" creea une nouvelle dynastie (919).

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