Carloman - King of Bavaria&Carinthia(865-880), Germany(876-880) and Lombards(877-880)

Carloman - King of Bavaria&Carinthia(865-880), Germany(876-880) and Lombards(877-880)

Carloman roi de Baviere 876-880, roi d"Italie 877-879
epouse: X fille d"Ernest comte
1 fils naturel:
- Fils naturel: Arnoul Le Germanique empereur d"Occident. cf: dessous


(b. 828--d. March or September 880, Oettingen, Ger.), eldest son of Louis II the German and father of the emperor Arnulf. Carloman rebelled against his father in 861 and 863 but in 865 was entrusted by Louis with a share in his authority, being granted jurisdiction over Bavaria and Carinthia. After this he remained loyal to his father, even helping to suppress the rebellion of his two younger brothers (866) and taking part in a campaign against the Moravians (869). The latter by 874 were forced to admit Frankish supremacy. After the death of the emperor Louis II (875), a faction in northern Italy favoured Carloman as candidate for the imperial crown; but Pope John VIII preferred Charles II the Bald. When Louis the German died (876), Carloman succeeded him as king of some of the German territories. In undisputed control of Bavaria, he promptly crossed the Alps on the death of Charles the Bald (877) and was recognized as king in northern Italy. The Pope, however, still refused him the imperial crown. Falling ill, Carloman had to renounce his lands and titles to his brother Louis III the Younger. His illegitimate son Arnulf became emperor in 896.

<B023651> Carloman CAROLING (King of Bavaria)
<B023649> Father: Louis (The_German) II CAROLING (King of Bavaria)
<B023650> Mother: Emma Altdorf WELF
OCCUPATION: King of Bavaria
BIRTH: 830, ,Bavaria,Germany
DEATH: 22 MAR 880, ,Bavaria,Germany
Family 1:
<B028067> Litovinda Liutswind BOHMENMARK ({Concubine})
<B024694> 1. Arnulf Arnold CAROLING (Emporer)


He may have been born in 828. King of Italy 877-880; King of Bavaria
Source: (Compuserve); Ahnentafel for Edward III of England
SOUR O"shea/Charlemagne qvc;

<I001760> Carloman, King of Bavaria and ITALY
<I001762> Father: Louis "the German", King of East FRANKS
<I004274> Mother: Emma of ANDECH
BIRTH: 828
DEATH: 22 SEP 880, Ottingen (& bur.there)
Family 1:
<I001436> 1. Arnulf of Bavaria & Italy, Roman EMPEROR


Carloman"s illegitimate son is Emperor Arnulf, ID 1436. Carloman was named his successor by Emperor Louis II, but could not take the crown despite negotiations with Pope John VIII to be crowned. He was stricken with paralysis and died. {Encycl. Brit., 1956, 4:877.} Carloman is eldest son of Louis II.

Carloman de Baviere
Roi de Baviere (876-880), roi d"Italie (877-879).

Born about 829.
Died in 880.
Louis Ier le Germanique Carolingien, roi de Baviere ca 806-876
Emma de Baviere +876
Marriages and children
Allied to ? ?, with
Arnoul Ier ca 850-899

Carloman Bavaria

King .
(Carloman of Bavaria)

Born about 800 - of,,,Germany.


Louis II (Ludwig)_of The_East_Franks, King ca 806-876
Emma Bavaria, Queen +876

Marriages and children

Allied to Litwinde ? *ca 800, with
Arnuph I of Germany ca 820-899


Ancestral Roots p. 123
Stuart p. 131:liv. c828-880

Litwinde ?
Born about 800 - of,Corinth,,Greece.

Carloman Ier DE BAVIERE

(Carloman DE BAVIERE)
Born in 828.
Died on September 29, 880.


Louis II le Germanique DE GERMANIE 806-876
Emma D"ALTDORF ca 809-876

Marriages and children

Allied to Luitzwinde N... ca 830-/891 (Concubinage), with
Arnulf Ier ca 850-899
Allied in 861 to N DE NORDGAU ca 840-/879


Profession : Roi de Bavière du 28 Août 876 au 29 Septembre 880.

Luitzwinde N...

Born about 830.
Died before 891.

Marriages and children

Allied to Carloman Ier DE BAVIERE 828-880 (Concubinage), with
Arnulf Ier ca 850-899


Decès : avant le 9 mars 891

BAVARIA, Carloman of (King of Bavaria).
son of Louis II "The German" and Emma of Bavaria, dau.of Guelph (Welf) of ALEMANNIA (Count d"Andech)
m.Litwinde ca.850.
1.Arnulf of CARINTHIA (King of Germany)

Karlman, König von Bayern und Italien X

(Karlman X)
(Karlman, König Von Bayern Und Italien...)

Born about 830
Died on September 29, 880


Ludwig II. der Deutsche = König der Ostfranken X ca 806-876
Hemma = Emma, Welfin X +876

Marriages and children

Married to Liutswind = Litwinde (Konkubine) ? +/891, with
Arnulf von Kärnten, Kaiser ca 850-899
Married before 861 to N.N. X +879/

Carloman Of Bavaria King Of Bavaria
Born in 830
Died in 880
Louis II the German King Of East Franks 800-876
Emma Of Bavaria ca 810-
Marriages and children
Married in 850 to Litwinde (Of Bavaria), with
Arnulf Of Carinthia King Of Germany 850-899


Litwinde (Of Bavaria)
Ernest Ct Ernest
? ?
Marriages and children
Married in 850 to Carloman Of Bavaria King Of Bavaria 830-880, with
Arnulf Of Carinthia King Of Germany 850-899
Daughter of "Count Ernest"


m.850 Leusinde, dau.of Cte Ernst

Carloman (° 828-Ottingen, 880), roi de Baviere (865), roi d"Italie (877-879). Dont :
a. Arnoul de Carinthie (° v. 850-Ratisbonne, 8.12.899), roi de Carinthie (877-899), de Germanie (887), empereur d"Occident (896-899). Dont :

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