Pepin the Hunchback - Monk at Pruem

Pepin the Hunchback - Monk at Pruem

Fils naturel: Pepin Le Bossu. mort en 811

<B013257> Pepin (The_Hunchback) CAROLING (The Hunchback)
<B013216> Father: Charlemagne CAROLING (King of Franks)
<B013256> Mother: Himiltrud MEROVING?
OCCUPATION: The Hunchback
BIRTH: 769, ,,France
DEATH: 811, ,,France


He was known as "The Hunchback" and was not considered in accession to the throne of France. Monk at Pruem after 792.
Source: Pedigrees of ... Charlemagne"s Descendants
SOUR O"shea/Charlemagne qvc;

Pepin le Bossu
Moine .
(Pepin Carolingien)

Born about 769.
Died in 811.
Charlemagne Carolingien, empereur d"Occident 747-814
Himiltrude ?

Pippin "the_Hunchback" x

(Pippin x)
Died in 811.


Charlemagne Holy_Roman_Empir, Emperor 742-814
Himiltrud of the Holy_Roman_Empir


Carolingians table II

Pepin "The Hunchback"

Pippin "der Bucklige" = Pippin mit dem Höcker X

(Pippin X)
(Pippin "Der Bucklige" = Pippin Mit Dem Höcker...)

Born (769/70)
Died in 811


Karl der Grosse = Carolus Magnus = Charlemagne X 742-814
Himiltrud (Konkubine ?) ?


wurde nach Erhebung gegen den Vater Moench, 792 im Kloster Pruem (Eifel)

Pepin the Hunchback Of The Franks
(Pepin Of The Franks)
Born in 769, of Aachen
Died in 811
Charlemagne King Of Franks 742-
Himiltrude (de France) 746

Prom, Pepin le_Bossu de Monch
Birth : ABT 769
Death : 811

Pepin le Bossu

Prom, Pepin le_Bossu de Monch
b.ABT 769

Pepin "Le Bossu" (° v. 769-811), se revolte en 791 contre son pere

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