Charles - King of Provence(855-863)

Charles - King of Provence(855-863)

Charles roi de Provence 855-863

Charles Provence

King .
(Charles of Provence)

Born about 828 - Alsace,,Lorraine,France.
Died on June 24, 863.


Lothaire I [Emperor] Holy_Roman_Empir, King Of Italy 795-855
Ermengarde Tours, E/Holyromanemp ca 800-851

Charles de Germanie
Roi de Provence (855).

Born about 845.
Died in 863.
Lothaire Ier de Germanie, empereur d"Occident ca 795-855
Ermengarde de Tours +851

Charles "The Child" of PROVENCE (King of Provence)

Karl ?
(Karl ?)

Born about 845
Died on January 24, 863


Lothar I., röm. Kaiser, King of Italy X 795-855
Ermengard = Irmgard von Tours X +851

Charles the Child de Provence King Of Provence
(Charles King Of Provence)
Born in 828
Died on June 24, 863
Lothar I de Italia Holy Roman Emp 795-855
Irmengard de Tours Cts de Tours 800-

Charles King Of Province

Born about 828, ,Alsace,Lorraine,France
Died on June 24, 863


Lothaire I, Emperor Holy_Roman_Empir, [KING OF ITALY] 795-855
Ermengarde, Countess Of Tours, EMPRESS OF H.R.E ca 800-851

King of Provence

Charles, roi de Provence (? 863)

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