Theodoric - monk

Theodoric - monk

<B013284> Theodoric CAROLING
<B013216> Father: Charlemagne CAROLING (King of Franks)
<B013283> Mother: Adallind ({Concubine})
BIRTH: 807, ,,France
DEATH: 819, ,,France


He was a monk. Cleric (818)
Source: Pedigrees of ... Descendants of Charlemagne; (Compuserve)
SOUR O"shea/Charlemagne qvc;


Theodric the Monk Of The Franks
(Theodric Of The Franks)
Born in 807, of Aachen
Died in 819
Charlemagne King Of Franks 742-
Adelheid (Adelinde) (de France) 785

Dietrich (? ap. 819), moine

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