Petronilla of Auxerre

Petronilla of Auxerre

Petronille of AUXERRE
m. Tertullus of the GATINAS


See her alternative ancestry -- as dau. of Hughes, Count of Auxerre, son of Hugh, Count of Bourges, Auxerre and Nevers (Eticonid/House of Bourges [5.1])

<I002248> Petronella
<I002250> Father: Conrad, Count of PARIS
Family 1:
<I002247> Tertullus D"Anjou, Count of GATENAIS
<I002245> 1. Ingelgerius ("Ingelgar"), Count of ANJOU

Petronilla de France

Born in 825, of Rhineland
Hugh L" Abbe Abbot Of St. Quentin 794-844
? ?
Marriages and children
Married to Tertullus de Anjou Ct de Anjou 821, with
Ingelgerius Ct de Anjou & Orléans 845-888

Petronilla, Countess Of Anjou

Born about 825, Of,,Rhineland,Prussia


Hugo "L"Abbe", Bastard Holy_Roman_Empir ca 794-844
Mrs-Hugo De La Franks ca 798

Marriages and children

Married about 844, ,,Anjou,France, to Tertulle, Count Of Anjou ca 821, with
Ingelger I, Count Anjou_And_Orlean ca 845-ca 893

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