Hugo l'Abbe - Abbot of St Quentin

Hugo l"Abbe - Abbot of St Quentin

Conrad - Ct of Paris


See also Hugo Abbas, Cte d"Auxerre, de Tours, et d"Angers, Margrave of Neustria, d.886 [House of Eticonids/Welf [4]]

<B013282> Hugo CAROLING
<B013216> Father: Charlemagne CAROLING (King of Franks)
<B013280> Mother: Regina ({Concubine})
BIRTH: 802/806, ,,France
DEATH: 14 JUN 844, ,,France


Abbott of St Quentin. Archchanc. (834), Cleric. He may have spelled his name "Hugh".
Source: Pedigrees of ... Descendants of Charlemagne; (Compuserve);

<I002250> Conrad, Count of PARIS
Family 1:
<I002248> 1. Petronella


W.H.Turton, "The Plantagenet Ancestry" (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1968), p. 6, states that Hugues l"Abbi (d. 844) is father of Tertullus d"Anjou (instead of Conrad of Paris), and that Hughes l`Abbi is a son of Charlemagne and Regine. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1956 Ed., 1:976: "...towards 861, Charles the Bald entrusted [the county of Anjou] to Robert the Strong, but he unfortunately met with his death in 866.... Hugh the Abbot succeeded him in the countship of Anjou as in most of his other duties, and on his death (886) it passed to Odo, the eldest son of Robert the Strong, who, on his accession to the throne of France (888), probably handed it over to his brother Robert. In any case, during the last years of the 9th century, in Anjou as elsewhere the power was delegated to a viscount, Fulk the Red, son of a certain Ingelgerius."

<I002251> Hughues L"ABBE
<I000632> Father: Charles the Great, Emperor CHARLEMAGNE
<I002252> Mother: Regina _____
DEATH: 844?

Hugo St._Quintin

Abbot .
(Hugo of St._Quintin)

Died in 844.


Charlemagne Holy_Roman_Empir, Emperor 742-814
Regina Holy_Roman_Empir


Carolingians table 2

ST. QUENTIN, Hugh (Hugo) of (Abbott of St. Quentin).
b.between 802 - 806
d.14 Jun 844
son of Charlemagne "Charles the Great" (King of the Franks) and Regina
1.Petronille of AUXERRE (m. Tertullus of the GATINAS)

Hugo von Franken ?

(Hugo ?)
(Hugo Von Franken...)

Born in 802
Died on June 16, 844, near Angoudéme


Karl der Grosse = Carolus Magnus = Charlemagne X 742-814
Regina (Konkubine) ?

Hugh L" Abbe Abbot Of St. Quentin
Born in 794, of Aachen
Died on June 7, 844
Charlemagne King Of Franks 742-
Regina (de France) 770
Marriages and children
Married to ? ?, with
Petronilla de France 825

Hugo "L"Abbe", Bastard Holy_Roman_Empir

Born about 794, Of Aachen,Rhineland,Prussia
Died on June 7, 844


Charlemagne, Emperor Of Holy_Roman_Empir, [KING OF THE FRA 742-814
Regina (Reginopycrha), (Concubine Holy_Roman_Empir ca 770

Marriages and children

Married to Mrs-Hugo De La Franks ca 798, with
Petronilla, Countess Of Anjou ca 825

St._Quentin, Hugues de Abbot
Birth : 802/806
Death : 7 JUN 844 bei,Angouleme

Abbot of St.Quentin

Hugo (? 844), abbe de Saint-Quentin

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