Ermengarde reine de Provence. morte en 896
epouse: Boson roi de Provence. cf: Dynastie Bosonide

<B028145> Ermengarde CAROLING
<B027341> Father: Louis Ludwig II CAROLING (Emporer)
<B028146> Mother: Angelburga de SPOLETO
BIRTH: 855, ,,France
DEATH: 887, ,,France
Family 1:
<B028144> Bozon I MEROVING (King of Burgundy)
<B028142> 1. Louis (The_Blind) MEROVING (King of Provence)


Source: Ahnentafel for Edward III of England [Chaume]

<I008193> Ermengarde
<I008195> Father: Louis II, EMPEROR
BIRTH: 855
DEATH: 897
Family 1:
<I008194> Count Boso (879), King of PROVENCE
<I008189> 1. Louis "the Blind", EMPEROR


Ermengarde is "said to be mistress before 866 of "an Emperor of
Byzantium."" - "Ancestral Roots..." (Balt., 1992) 141B-17.

Ermengarde d"Italie
Born in 852.
Died on 22nd of June 896.
Louis II le Jeune d"Italie, empereur d"Occident ca 825-875
? ?
Marriages and children
Allied in March 872 to Boson, roi de Provence +887, with
Ermengarde Iere
Willa Iere 873-914/
Louis III l"Aveugle ca 880-928

Ermengarde Provence

Queen .
(Ermengarde (Trungard) of Provence)

Born maybe in 852 - of,,,Germany.
Died in 896.


Louis II of Holy_Roman_Empir, Emperor ca 825-875
Engelberga Germany, Empress ca 826-890

Marriages and children

Allied in 876 to Boso II d" Autun, King/Provence ca 824-887, with
Willa Swabia ca 872-929
Louis I,_de "the_Blind" Beronides 880-928
Ermengarde Burgundy +956


dd The Carolingeans table 2>897
Ancestral Roots p. 124>bd,dd marr. date
Stuart p. 14: DD=896 BD =852/855 MD

Ermengarde D"ITALIE

Born in 852.
Died on June 22, 896.


Louis II le Jeune D"ITALIE ca 822-875
Engelberge D"ALSACE ca 830-890

Marriages and children

Allied in March 872 to Boson V DE BOURGOGNE 844/-887, with
Ermengarde ca 873-921
Willa 873-914/
Engelberge DE PROVENCE 877-917
Louis III l"Aveugle D"ITALIE ca 880-928

Ermengarde of GERMANY
m. Boso II of PROVENCE

Ermengard X

(Ermengard X)

Born about 852
Died in 896


Ludwig II. Röm. Kaiser, König von Italien X ca 825-875
Engelberga = Ingelberga ? +901

Marriages and children

Married in 876 to Boso, Herzog von der Provence, von Vienne X +887, with
Engelberga = Ingelberga von Niederburgund ca 877-917/
Guille = Willa ?
Ludwig III. "Bosonides", Koenig von Niederburgund u. Italien ca 880-928

Irmengard de Italia

Born in 848
Louis II le Jeune Holy Roman Emp 825-875
Engeberge (Of Altorf) 826-890
Marriages and children
Married in 876 to Dux Boso de Provence King Of Provence ca 840-, with
Ermengarde de Burgundy +/935
Engelberga de Aquitaine 877-917
Louis III the Blind de Provence King Of Italy ca 880-928

m.Mar 876 Boson(842-11.1.887), King of Burgundy

Ermengarde ep. Boson, roi de Provence

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