Louis II - King of Lombards(844-875), Lorraine(859-875) and Provence(863-875), Emperor(850-875)

Louis II - King of Lombards(844-875), Lorraine(859-875) and Provence(863-875), Emperor(850-875)

Louis II roi d"Italie 844-875, empereur d"Occident 855-875
epouse: Engelberge
4 enfants:
- Louis
- Charles
- Ermengarde reine de Provence. morte en 896
- Gisele abbesse de Sainte-Julie de Bresse

Louis II

(b. c. 822--d. Aug. 12, 875, near Brescia, Lombardy), Frankish emperor (850-875) who, as ruler of Italy, was instrumental in checking the Arab invasion of the peninsula.

The eldest son of the Frankish emperor Lothair I, who ruled the "middle realm" of what had once been Charlemagne"s empire, Louis took over the administration of Italy on his father"s behalf in 844 and was crowned king of the Lombards in Rome on June 15 of that year. In April 850 he was crowned emperor. When his father divided his realm in September 855, Italy was allotted to Louis. After Lothair"s death a few weeks later, Louis was sole emperor, a dignity which at that time implied rule over only part of the Carolingian dominions, without suzerainty over the whole.

In 859 Louis II acquired territory from his brother Lothair II, king of Lotharingia (Lorraine), and at the death of his other brother, King Charles of Provence, in 863, he received a large part of that kingdom.

Louis II"s most important task was the war against the Arabs, who had seized Bari and various other places in southern Italy. In 866 he began an extensive campaign that, with the help of the Byzantine fleet, culminated in the conquest of the Arab headquarters at Bari (February 871). In August 871, however, the Emperor was made prisoner by Adelchis, duke of Benevento. The Duke feared that Louis would attempt to assert his sovereignty, and he extracted from his prisoner a promise not to reenter the southern part of the peninsula.

Adelchis soon set Louis free, but after obtaining from the Pope a dispensation from his oath, the Emperor returned to southern Italy. Although he won another victory, near Capua, in 872, his power and energy no longer sufficed for a decisive blow against the Arabs. He gave up his hopes and withdrew to northern Italy, where he died shortly thereafter. His only child was a daughter, and the elder male line of the Carolingian dynasty thus expired with him.

<B027341> Louis Ludwig II CAROLING (Emporer)
<B023659> Father: Lothair Lotharius I CAROLING (King of Lombards)
<B027481> Mother: Ermengarde de Tours ETICONIDES
BIRTH: 825, ,,Italy
DEATH: 875, ,,Italy
Family 1:
<B028146> Angelburga de SPOLETO
<B028145> 1. Ermengarde CAROLING


Emporer. King of Italy.
Source: Jean Francois Languay, Compuserve (100113,352); Ahnentafel for Edward
III of England
TITL Holy Roman Emporer, King of Italy

<I008195> Louis II, EMPEROR
<I001735> Father: Lothair I (King of Italy), EMPEROR
<I001736> Mother: Ermengarde of TOURS
BIRTH: 823
DEATH: 12 AUG 855
Family 1:
<I008193> 1. Ermengarde


Louis II m. by 05 October 851 Engelberge (d. ca. 900).

Louis II le Jeune
Roi d"Italie (844-875), associe a l"Empire (850-855), empereur d"Occident (855-875).
(Louis d"Italie)

Born about 825.
Died in 875.
Lothaire Ier de Germanie, empereur d"Occident ca 795-855
Ermengarde de Tours +851
Marriages and children
Allied to ? ?, with
Ermengarde 852-896

Louis II of Holy_Roman_Empir

Emperor .
(Louis Holy_Roman_Empir)

Born about 825 - Alsace,,Lorraine,France.
Died on August 31, 875 - ,,,Italy.
Buried - St. Ambroise,Milan,,Italy.


Lothaire I [Emperor] Holy_Roman_Empir, King Of Italy 795-855
Ermengarde Tours, E/Holyromanemp ca 800-851

Marriages and children

Allied in 851 to Engelberga Germany, Empress ca 826-890, with
Ermengarde Provence ca 852-896
Louis Italy *ca 857
Charles Italy *ca 859


Title: King of Italy
NAME Louis II, Emperor of the /Holy ROMAN EMPIRE/

Louis II le Jeune D"ITALIE

(Louis D"ITALIE)
Born about 822.
Died on August 12, 875.


Lothaire Ier DE GERMANIE 795-855
Irmengarde DE TOURS 804-851

Marriages and children

Allied on October 5, 851 to Engelberge D"ALSACE ca 830-890, with
Ermengarde 852-896


Profession : Roi d"Italie du 29 Septembre 855 au 12 Août 875.

Louis II "The Young" (Holy Roman Emperor)
b.between 822 - 825
d.12 Aug 875
son of Lothar (Lothaire) I of Germany (Emperor) and Ermengarde of Orleans, dau.of Hugh II "Le Mefiant" of TOURS (Count of Tours)
m.Engelberge of ALSACE (dau.of Erchanger of Alsace (Count of Alsace)) ca.851.
1.Ermengarde of GERMANY (m. Boso II of PROVENCE).


Louis II (Holy Roman Empire) (circa 825-75), Holy Roman emperor (855-75) and king of Italy (844-75), the eldest son of Holy Roman Emperor Lothair I. Louis was coemperor with his father from 850 to 855, when he became sole emperor, but his authority was in fact confined to his Italian kingdom. Although he was successful in some campaigns against the Saracen invaders of Italy, he was constricted by the jealousies of local Italian princes. He acquired much of Provence on the death of his brother Charles, but he was a weak ruler, and his empire declined. Source: "Louis II (Holy Roman Empire)," Microsoft(R) Encarta(R) 98 Encyclopedia. (c) 1993-1997 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved

Ludwig II. Röm. Kaiser, König von Italien X

(Ludwig X)
(Ludwig Ii. Röm. Kaiser, König Von Italien...)

Born about 825
Died on August 12, 875, Brescia


Lothar I., röm. Kaiser, King of Italy X 795-855
Ermengard = Irmgard von Tours X +851

Marriages and children

Married in 852 to Engelberga = Ingelberga ? +901, with
Gisla ? ca 852-/868
Ermengard ca 852-896

Louis II le Jeune Holy Roman Emp
(Louis Holy Roman Emp)
Born in 825
Died on August 12, 875
Lothar I de Italia Holy Roman Emp 795-855
Irmengard de Tours Cts de Tours 800-
Marriages and children
Married in 855 to Engeberge (Of Altorf) 826-890, with
Gisela Of Germany
Irmengard de Italia 848
Louis Of Germany 857
Charles Of Germany 859

Louis II, Emperor Holy_Roman_Empir

(Louis Holy_Roman_Empir)

Born about 825, ,Alsace,Lorraine,France
Died on August 31, 875, ,,,Italy
Buried - St. Ambroise,Milan,,Italy


Lothaire I, Emperor Holy_Roman_Empir, [KING OF ITALY] 795-855
Ermengarde, Countess Of Tours, EMPRESS OF H.R.E ca 800-851

Marriages and children

Married on October 15, 821 to Engelberga, Empress Of Germany

Louis II
d.8.12.875, Brescia
m.851 Engelburge de Spolete

II Louis
(Ii Louis)
Born in 835
Died in 875
Lothaire I Carolingians, Emperor of the West 795-855
Ermengarde de Alsace, Countess of Upper Alsace & Tours ca 800-

Louis II (° v. 822-Brescia, 12.08.875), roi d"Italie (844), empereur d"Occident (855-875) :
A. Ermengarde ep. Boson, roi de Provence.

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