Adelaida (Ada)

Adelaida (Ada)

Ada ou Adelaide
epouse: Ramnulf II duc d"Aquitaine. mort en 890. cf: Dynastie d"Aquitaine

Adelaide Carolingians
(Adelaide Carolingians)
Born about 866, France
Louis II "The Stammerer" Carolingians, King Of France 846-879
Ansgarde Meroving ca 846-879/
Marriages and children
Married to Ranulph I de Poitlers 848-890


Ranulph I de Poitlers
(Ranulph de Poitlers)
(Ranulph I...)
Born in 848, Poitiers,Vienna,France
Died on 5 August 890
Marriages and children
Married before 890 to (Mrs.) Irmgard de Poitlers ca 874-935, with
Ebles (Ebalus The Bastard) "Munzer" de Aquitaine /889-935
Married to Adelaide Carolingians ca 866

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