epouse: Emenon comte du Perigord
1 enfant:
- Arnaud duc de Gascogne 855-864


Ermenon, count of Poitou [brother of Turpio, count of Angouleme], who supported Pepin II in 838, was deprived of his honorem of Poitou by Louis the Pious [Ademar de Chabannes, II, 16, p. 132.], but a little later he seems to have acquired the county of Perigord, where he married a sister of Sanchez, duke of Gascony. A son by this union, Arnaud, was Count of Fezensac with some claim to Gascon overlordship in 864.[Ibid., III, 21, pp. 141-142; "Aquitaniae Historiae Fragmentum," in Ademar de Chabannes, p. 199; and Translatio Sanctae Faustae, ch. 2, p. 727. See also L. Levillain, "Ademar de Chabannes, genealogiste," in Bulletin de la societe des antiquaires de l"ouest, XXIX (1934), 246-248] Both Count Turpio and Count Ermenon died in the 860"s, the former in 863 fighting the Vikings,[Chron. Aquitanicum, anno 863, p. 252, and Ademar de Chabannes, II, 19, p. 136] the latter in 866 fighting Landry, count of Saintes[Ademar de Chabannes, III, 19, p. 136]. But the family seems to have continued to have importance, for a son of Count Ermenon, Ademar, was count of Poitou and may have had some power in the Limousin from 890 to 902 [Ibid., III, 21, pp. 140-141], finally dying without issue in 926 [Chron. Aquitanicum, anno 930, p. 253. Ademar de Chabannes, III, 23, p. 143, gives the date as 923].

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